The Best Campers for Weekend Getaways

The Best Campers for Weekend Getaways

Are you looking into different types of campers to find the perfect model for your next weekend fishing trip, camping excursion or traveling adventure? As you probably know, there’s a massive number of unique campers that are available for purchase, and each variant brings unique advantages to the table. At RecPro™, our number one priority is making every single one of your RV journeys as fun and carefree as possible. To ensure that you invest in a vehicle that can meet your needs and preferences, we’re going to discuss the three best campers for almost any weekend getaway.

1. The Pop Up Camper

One of the most attractive aspects of the pop up camper is its accessibility. It’s an efficient and affordable unit that’s incredibly easy to cart around. Its sides can be collapsed to prep for towing or storage, and it’s pretty light considering its respectable size (right around 15 to 24 feet when opened). In fact, a majority of pop up RVs can be towed by compact cars and minivans! Consequently, it’s easy for most families or groups of friends to find a vehicle to tow them, a huge boon for travelers who don’t have access to large pickup trucks or SUVs. Just pack all of your supplies inside, hook it up to the family car and you’re set to go.

Picking up a basic pop up will only cost you around 7,000 to 8,000 dollars, though you may want to grab a more expensive model for additional features and space. A standard pop up (of 19 feet) can house an average-sized flip-up bed, a sink, refrigerator, stove, cabinet storage and a small dining area, making it a solid choice for groups of two to three people. Depending on how talented you are at packing, the largest variants of pop ups can usually accommodate four people comfortably.

Regrettably, pop up campers do have a few minor drawbacks. For example, they’re too small to pack full of supplies or large pieces of furniture, making them a poor choice for long trips or full-time RVing. However, most weekend getaways don’t require a massive amount of gear or supplies, and odds are good that you’ll be spending more time outside camping, fishing or hiking than relaxing inside of your vehicle.

Put simply, if you and your traveling companions are going on a trip that will only last a few days and don’t mind forgoing a few optional comforts and features (like large furniture and TVs), then a pop up camper might be the perfect ride for you.

2. The Class B Motorhome Camper Van

Commonly referred to as a van conversion or camper van, the Class B motorhome is essentially a full-size van chassis that’s been fitted into a small recreational vehicle. It can be outfitted with either a pop-up roof section or a permanent bubble top roof (allowing users to stand upright inside) and can range from 15 to 26 feet in length. As a result of its compact size, this vehicle is very easy to drive and store inside of standard garages or parking spots, and it consumes much less gas compared to its larger cousins. There’s no better RV for efficiently and conveniently traveling over long distances

Average Class B motorhomes contain enough space for a stove, mini-fridge, dining area, beds, a combined shower and toilet stall and just about anything else your group will need during your weekend travels. Their prices usually fall somewhere between 40,000 and 80,000 dollars. Generally speaking, the larger models can seat up to five people and provide sleeping space for four, but there are special variants that cut down on sleeping space to make room for extra toys, furniture and storage space.

Class B motorhomes are significantly more expensive than pop up campers, but that’s because they’re full-fledged vehicles. If you invest in a Class B, you’ll never need to worry about towing your RV around with a car or truck. And let’s not forget about the additional space and amenities that they offer. If you’re traveling with a small group and want access to extra features and a more luxurious RV experience compared to the pop up, then we highly recommend the Class B.

3. The Class C Motorhome

Also known as a mini-motorhome or mini-RV, the Class C motorhome is a mid-sized RV that offers a phenomenal supply of space and utilities. Its length can vary between 16 and 36 feet, granting it more than enough room to hold large beds, televisions, sound systems, kitchen appliances and more. If you’re in the mood for something particularly luxurious, you can even pick up a few RV recliner sofas or gaming ottomans to make your travels even more comfortable and fun.

Purchasing a basic Class C motorhome (these are usually about 26 feet) will cost you around 50,000 to 80,000 dollars. The biggest variants can cost up to 140,000 dollars and usually feature upgraded appliances and storage space. Capacity limits will vary depending on the specific size and setup, but most of these RVs can comfortably accommodate six to eight people. The large size of Class C RVs can make them harder to drive and store than more compact models, but that’s the price you pay for so much additional space.

We definitely recommend looking into a Class C motorhome if you’re traveling with a large group or want to simulate the comforts and luxuries of home life during your RV adventure.

Regardless of which camper you choose for your next weekend getaway, we have all of the supplies and expertise needed to transform it into your own personal home on wheels.

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Dec 27th 2017

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