Why Replace Your RV Furniture?

Why Replace Your RV Furniture?

You may wonder when is the best time to replace your RV furniture. There is no one right answer to this because there are many factors that will affect the decision to change out your furniture. Maybe you just want an aesthetic change or you need a functional change or your furniture could be starting to show its age.


One of the biggest reasons to want to change your furniture is comfort. The stock furniture that is put into an RV can often be uncomfortable because it’s a basic stock line that the manufacturer carries. That stock line is going to be mass produced for the lowest possible costs, meaning that comfort isn’t always going to be the highest priority.

You want to sink into something comfortable at the end of the day. If your stock sofa, recliner, or mattress is lumpy, stiff, or the fabric irritates your skin, then you want to upgrade to something better. You don’t want something that leaves you aching even more than your hike did. New furniture can have you relaxing at the campground the way you always envisioned.

woman wiping down a leather sofa


The furniture coming with your RV most likely isn’t built to last. It’s built to look good and entice you to buy the RV, but the furniture may not continue looking that good once it starts getting regular use. Upgrading your furniture means you can find high-quality furniture that is made to last with proper care. So that your furniture will continue to look great on every trip.


The look of your furniture is going to greatly contribute to your overall enjoyment of it. If it doesn’t look good or doesn’t fit in with the space you’ve created or are going to create, then it can ruin the whole experience. Upgrading your furniture gives you greater control over how your space looks and can give you the dream RV you want. The right fabric on your RV furniture can make the whole room look great. And high-quality fabric means that it should be durable enough for a life on the road.

woman opening a sofa bed


The furniture that came in your RV may not be serving the best purpose. Maybe it came with a sofa but you’d prefer to have a sofa bed. Changing out your furniture makes it so you have the most useful piece of furniture possible. Or maybe the furniture that came with your RV is big and you want something smaller like a recliner or two. Changing your furniture lets you use your RV space just the way you want.


This one is pretty important for RVs. The amount of weight you have in your rig can influence the safety of the rig, the fuel efficiency while on vacation, and the number of other appliances that you’re able to put into your RV. By going for a lighter RV furniture piece, you can reduce the weight while increasing comfort and style. Changing a big sofa that you know you won’t use very often for two recliners not only gives you more space, but takes less weight and allows you to add other things you may want in your RV.

open ottoman showing a storage area


RV space is limited. Everyone knows that. So if the furniture that’s currently in your RV doesn’t make the most of the space, it may be time to upgrade. Change from dinette seats to a dinette booth with under seat storage so you have the space to store things as well as a place to sit for meals. Or maybe you add a bed lift with gas struts that will make use of the space beneath your bed for extra storage. When space is limited, you want to make the most of your space and RV furniture is great at being multifunctional.


Even if you’ve already replaced your furniture, accidents can happen. If your furniture has been scratched or stained in a way that can’t be fixed, it may be best to just replace it. It never hurts to try to repair furniture, but sometimes damage just becomes too damaged to be salvageable. If your furniture has seen better days, it may be time to change it out.

So if you’ve been unsure about whether it’s time to change out your furniture, maybe one of these reasons gave you the push you needed. Quality RV furniture can be the difference between a good evening of relaxation and an uncomfortable night of trying to relax. 

May 20th 2024 Ashley Theirin

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