RV Captains Chairs

RV Captains Chairs

This is where the magic of your travel begins and ends. When you climb into the seat of your leisure travel vehicle, take a sip of coffee, and fire up the engines it takes you back to the days when your dad finished tying down the luggage on the top of the station wagon, climbed in, and the door creaked shut. The vacation can now begin! Nowadays you don’t have to tie anything to the top, and you won’t be sleeping in a tent on the cold hard ground. But you can’t help remembering the good ole’ days and the joy of a road trip. Yes, you are the captain of a great ship and adventure lies ahead.

So, when you are up there navigating the treacherous roadways of the contiguous 48 states and beyond, you need a supportive, comfortable, and versatile seat at your side (your backside, that is). At RecPro, we understand how vitally important the construction of this particular seat is. Quite possibly the most important seat in the house! That is why we have gone the extra mile to make sure our Captain’s Chairs are everything you need and fit for a king.

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