Can You Put Regular Furniture in an RV?

Can You Put Regular Furniture in an RV?

Many new and old  RV owners ask themselves this question when they feel the need to update their RV interior and get rid of old RV furniture. So, can you put regular furniture in an RV? The short answer is yes, but you shouldn't because residential furniture is not designed to be used in an RV. This article will review the pros and cons of putting regular furniture in an RV, what you should consider when installing home furniture in a motorhome, and other important tips and advice.

Pros of Using Regular Furniture in an RV

To be fair, while putting residential furniture in your RV may seem like a bad decision, there are a few advantages that RV enthusiasts may want to consider.

Less Weight

Residential furniture will often be lighter than its RV furniture counterparts. This is because household furniture is typically not designed with the same safety and durability features as RV-specific furniture. For example, a new sofa may have a frame built out of wood with a few metal parts for reclining features. In contrast, the frame of  RV couches are often made entirely out of metals like steel, which adds to the total weight of your motor home.


Residential furniture is available in various color schemes, fabrics, styles, name brands, and more. The massive variety of home furniture can make it very easy to find a piece that perfectly fits the small spaces of your RV decor. Such variety can inspire new furniture ideas for your new rig.


Every RV renovation project has a budget, and new RV furniture can eat into that budget. RV-specific furniture is designed for RVs and motorhomes, whether  class A, class C, or an old travel trailer. These pieces are usually stuffed full of features designed to enhance comfort, convenience, and safety and are typically made with higher-quality materials than regular furniture, thus making RV furniture a bit more expensive than regular furniture.

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Cons of Using Regular Furniture in an RV

While using regular furniture to renovate your old used RV may seem like the best option, there are also a few downsides to consider.

Lacking in Safety

Veteran RV road warriors will know that many features in RV furniture are there for safety reasons. Most RV furniture, such as sleeper sofas,  features anchor points that allow you to secure it to the floor of your RV, usually with straps or bungee cords. This prevents the RV furniture from shifting and sliding around during travel. Home furniture, on the other hand, lacks such safety features.

Not Built For Small Spaces

Regular furniture comes in all shapes and sizes but is primarily designed with living rooms and other home spaces in mind, where you have a great deal of room to work with. This can make it very difficult to find a home furniture piece that is in good shape and able to fit in small spaces, and it can often take up too much floor space no matter how hard you try. The awkward size and shape of normal furniture can also make it difficult to position, negatively affecting your RV's weight distribution.

Hard To Get In

One of the biggest problems with using home furniture in an RV is  getting your furniture inside. No matter how you look at it, most residential furniture pieces are simply not designed to be able to squeeze through an RV door. This can cause you to struggle to get a recliner or sofa inside your RV, and you may even end up causing damage to your new furniture.

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Practical Considerations When Using Regular Furniture in an RV

If you are dead set on using regular furniture in your RV, here are a few things you should consider when picking out new furniture for your RV renovation.

Size and Weight

Weight and floor space are vital when it comes to RVing, whether full-time or part-time. If you're going to use normal furniture in your RV, you will need to make sure it will fit through your RV doorway and inside your RV interior. You will also want to ensure the furniture you use won't negatively impact the weight distribution in your RV.

Installation and Stability

Regular furniture pieces will not have the same safety features as RV-specific furniture and can be much harder to install. When choosing new furniture for your RV, choose options you can install without needing significant RV modifications. You should also make sure that your new furniture will be stable and secure as you travel, as damage to your RV walls or the furniture itself can occur if your loveseat starts to slide around when you take a turn.

Comfort and Functionality

Anytime you put furniture in your RV, you should carefully evaluate the comfort and functionality you'll gain from it. Choosing good quality furniture with the right features can make all the difference in a road trip you'll have fond memories of and your next trip turning into an uncomfortable nightmare.

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The Final Verdict: Should You Use Regular Furniture in an RV?

Using residential furniture in your RV or motorhome is an option, but will be too impractacle for most RV owners. The answer depends entirely on your wants and needs, as well as the size and layout of your particular RV. However, in general, normal furniture is usually not the best choice as it is not built for small spaces, can be difficult to fit through your RV door and install, and often lacks the utility and safety features that RV-specific furniture can offer.

Frequently Asked Questions About RV Furniture

We've covered just about everything related to home furniture. But if you're looking for a little information on RV furniture specifically, here are a few frequently asked questions.

Can I replace my RV furniture with regular furniture?

To put it simply, yes, RV owners can choose to use regular furniture instead of replacement RV furniture. However, there are important considerations to consider before doing so. Carefully weigh the pros and cons of using normal furniture in your RV versus RV-specific furniture before deciding what you need.

Is RV furniture smaller than regular furniture?

RV furniture is designed for the small spaces of RVs and motorhomes, so it is often smaller than residential furniture. While compact, RV furniture does not lack comfort or functionality. In fact, RV furniture will often offer better utility than regular furniture. An excellent example of this would be dinette booths, which act as comfortable RV seating and offer extra storage space underneath the seat.

What are the best furniture brands for RVs?

If you are looking for  RV furniture, there is no better RV furniture store to shop than RecPro. RecPro has been a part of the RV industry for more than 12 years, working closely with RV enthusiasts and RV manufacturers alike to develop the best RV furniture upgrades on the market. RecPro's seating options include RV recliners, jackknife sofas, captain chairs, swivel rockers, and RV theater seating. RecPro also offers an extensive selection of other furniture and RV parts, such as dining tables, water tanks, RV beds, and more.

Conclusion: Making Your RV Feel Like Home

The RV lifestyle is different for every RV owner. At the end of the day, your RV should be a haven of comfort. If using regular furniture in your RV seems like it would make your rig feel like home, then go for it. If not, check out furniture pieces designed specifically for RVs; you may just find something you love! Either way, get comfy, fasten your seatbelts, and enjoy your next trip.

Apr 25th 2024 Corey Johnson

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