Turning up the Heat With an RV Fireplace

Turning up the Heat With an RV Fireplace

There’s an unlimited number of cool and exciting features you could add to your recreational vehicle. And while there’s no denying that a fresh coat of paint or a new steering wheel design would enhance the aesthetic of your ride, it’s usually a better idea to prioritize upgrades that offer style and utility. Here at Restore RV™, it’s our mission to make every single RV trip you take a comfortable, safe and incredibly fun experience. That’s why we offer some of the best RV parts on the market. Today, we’ll be discussing the benefits and requirements of one of the most luxurious, unique and useful RV appliances around: the RV fireplace.

The Benefits of an RV Fireplace

Make no mistake, an RV fireplace isn’t just for show. These devices can quickly and efficiently heat the entire interior of your recreational vehicle, making them a massive boon for riders who prefer to adventure during the winter months or in the colder parts of the country. Tired of sniffling and shaking during your yearly RV camping trips? Then just hop back inside of your vehicle, crank up the heat on your fireplace and lose yourself in the warmth and comfort that it provides. Best of all, some RV fireplace models have up to seven temperature settings (ranging from 99 F to 71 F), allowing you to adjust to any and all shifts in weather conditions. This perk is particularly beneficial for those who are living in an RV full-time. Come rain, hail, wind or snow, you’ll be prepared.

It’s also worth noting that RV fireplaces can do wonders to enhance the mood and energy of your vehicle’s interior. These appliances use special LED flame lighting to bathe your RV in a beautiful glow, a feature that’s especially useful during those romantic getaways with your partner, spooky storytelling sessions with your children or relaxing discussions with good friends. Believe it or not, some models have several different lighting effects as well, allowing you to experiment with different colors and moods until you find one that suits the occasion.

RV Fireplace Installation and Requirements

Fortunately, most RV fireplace models are pretty easy to install, especially compared to traditional fireplaces. You can purchase mounted or freestanding versions, giving you a great deal of flexibility in terms of where and how you would like to place them in your vehicle. Most RVers will repurpose old, unused cabinet spaces by slotting their fireplace inside, saving them a significant amount of precious living space in the process. These stylish heating units come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so you’ll want to measure the exact length and depth of the space you want your new fireplace to fit in before picking one up or trying to install it.

One of the most attractive aspects of an RV fireplace is that it requires very little in terms of maintenance and special accommodations. Unlike traditional fireplaces, electric models don’t need to be cleaned constantly, and most of these products don’t require complex wiring setups or heat ventilation systems. As long as your RV is properly wired and can accommodate its size, you can usually just plug your fireplace in, secure it to the interior and enjoy. Voltage requirements vary from model to model, but an average RV fireplace only requires around 100 to 115 volts to run properly, making them viable for almost any type of recreational vehicle.

RV Fireplace Safety

It’s completely understandable that many new RVers are hesitant to install electric fireplaces in their vehicles due to safety concerns. After all, if one of these units overheats, it can quickly become a dangerous fire hazard. As always, the safety and health of your friends and loved ones should be your number one priority, and that’s why it’s imperative to invest in a high-quality model that accounts for these dangers. For example, Our 28" electric RV fireplace features a unique overheat protection system to prevent its temperature from rising about a safe limit. Consequently, you can enjoy the phenomenal atmosphere and comfort that the unit exudes without stressing out about the threat of an electrical fire.

However, bear in mind that faulty wiring or improper installation of an electronic RV fireplace can transform even the safest model into a potential hazard. Models that aren’t adequately secured to the vehicle can break loose and fall over or slide around, particularly on trips with rough terrain or road conditions. Moreover, models that aren’t safely wired have the potential to cause small sparks or fires and set nearby flammable materials and substances alight. In any case, the best way to prevent your RV fireplace from causing pinched fingers, crushed toes and electrical fires is to ensure that it’s installed by an experienced professional.

As we mentioned earlier, most RV fireplaces are relatively simple to set up inside of your vehicle (that’s why many models only include short instruction manuals in the box), but checking the wiring of your RV and installing custom cabinets to house your new fireplace are significantly more demanding tasks. If you don’t have the mechanical knowledge or experience required to complete them, then be sure to invest in professional help.

Apr 25th 2024

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