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Water Accessories Your RV Needs

Water Accessories Your RV Needs

If you’re a new RVer, you’re probably starting to learn all about the simple-yet-important accessories and attachments that can make a big difference in your overall RVing experience.

We could write endless content on all of the different accessories and parts you could pick up to make your RV life easier. However, today we’re focusing strictly on water. Even this particular subject could be featured in several blog posts, so be on the lookout for that in the future.

For now, though, we’re talking about a few accessories that will make a difference in your water supply when you are at a campsite. If you haven’t already invested in these attachments, it could be time to start doing your research to determine the right ones for you.

Furniture Tie-Down Straps

When you’re at a campground, you might quickly notice that the water pressure is higher than what your RV is built for. Most RV manufacturers don’t recommend high water pressure, as it could cause damage to your plumbing system.

The easy way to fix this problem is with a water pressure regulator. A regulator can be attached directly to the water supply. Be sure you purchase a regular that is safe for drinking water, like one made of copper.

Water Filter

A Water Filter and Hose

When you’re utilizing freshwater, anything that ends up in that particular tank should always be filtered. Thankfully, you have a couple of different options when it comes to using a water filter.

An in-line filter is an easy option if you don’t want to worry about replacing filters very often. But, there are also replaceable filters, including carbon ones that can help to reduce bacterial growth.

Having a water filter in your rig can help to get rid of contaminants, and can even make your water taste better. There’s nothing quite like a fresh water experience, but make sure you’re playing it safe.

In addition to having a freshwater filter, it’s also worth it to invest in a freshwater hose.

Freshwater hoses are easy to find, but there is a potential drawback to that: Cheaper ones aren’t necessarily better. They might be easier on your wallet, but when you’re considering a hose, you should always choose quality over cost. A cheap hose will easily start to leak, or cause problems even after just a short time in use.

Additionally, make sure you get a hose that will be long enough to reach a campground water supply. A 50-foot option will usually be your best bet. Or, you can opt for two smaller hoses that can connect together securely.

Your water supply and delivery system are some of the most important aspects of your RV. Investing in the right accessories and attachments will set you on the right track to avoiding extra stress and headaches with plumbing issues later on!

Whether you’re new to RVing or you’ve just never taken the time to think much about your rig’s water intake, these simple accessories can make a big difference, and can make your life easier when you’re camping.

Sep 21st 2020 Stacey Koziel

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