Visit the RV Capital of the World

Visit the RV Capital of the World

Elkhart, Indiana, was first deemed the “Trailer Capital of the World” in 1948 by the National press and continues to be known as the RV Capital of the World today. This Northern Indiana region produces more than 80% of RVs globally; that’s a lot!

If you own an RV, chances are it was manufactured in or near Elkhart, Indiana. There are about 40 manufacturers in the Elkhart area today, accounting for some 100 brands of RV.

Elkhart, Indiana, is a must-visit to truly appreciate the RV industry’s history and evolution! Read on to learn more about things to do while visiting the RV Capital of the World.

RV/MH Hall of Fame

Celebrating its 50th year, the RV/MH Hall of Fame is dedicated to preserving the history of RV manufacturing and honoring the pioneers who contributed to all that the industry is today. In addition to an RV museum, the RV/MH Heritage Foundation began building a Manufactured Home Museum, which is expected to open sometime in August of 2022. Contrary to what you may have been thinking, MH stands for manufactured homes, not motorhomes.

I can’t speak yet for the MH Museum, but the RV Museum is self-guided and does not provide tours. However, there is an information sheet for each display and a number of informational videos scattered through exhibits as well. Visitors enjoy being able to move through the museum at their own pace. Most of the exhibits provide an immersible experience where you are actually able to walk through the units.

In addition to museum exhibits, the RV/MH Hall of Fame features an archives library with over 20,000 industry publications open for guests to use. There is also a 58,000+ sq ft first-class event center, which is available for industry conventions, fundraising events, and more.

RV Factory Tours

Lots of RV manufacturers in the Elkhart area offer guided tours of their facilities and are happy to provide an inside look into how their RVs are made. Whether you are in the market for a new RV or would like to see where the RV you own was made, manufacturer tours provide a behind-the-scenes experience you can’t get anywhere else.

The Elkhart County visitor website provides a list of factory tours and includes information on when they are typically available. It is always good to call ahead or check online to see if you need a reservation, especially if you happen to be traveling in a large group.

Attend or Plan an RV Rally

RV rallies are definitely something you’ve heard of if you have been an RV owner for a while. In case you’re unfamiliar with RV rallies, they are organized gatherings in a specific place centered around celebrating the RV lifestyle. Educational seminars, community potlucks, happy hours, and group entertainment are often part of well-organized RV rallies.

If you’re looking to attend an RV rally, you can likely find plenty to choose from based on your interests. RV rallies may gather based on RV brand, class category, or engine type. Small groups may hold them up to large national member organizations. Most RV rallies post relevant information online and on social media. These are great places to find more information regarding RV rallies. Elkhart County hosts numerous RV rallies per year.

If you would prefer instead to host your own, the Elkhart County Visitor’s Bureau is happy to help plan your group’s next RV rally. They have even put together an informative guide for RV Rally Planning Along the Heritage Trail. While this guide will likely answer most of your questions, dedicated staff is available to provide personalized service for RV rally planning. They can help plan events, secure parking spaces, and organize vendors. If you are looking to host an RV rally, Elkhart County may be the perfect place to do so!

Annual RV Shows

The following shows are held annually in the Elkhart County/Indiana area. Check out these web pages for ticket and event information! If the date has already passed this year, keep an eye out for the same event around the same weekend next year.

Midwest RV Super Show & Sale - RV/MH HOF - 08/11/22-08/14/22

Indy RV Expo - Indiana State Fairgrounds - 01/08/22-01/16/22 (past)

Valley RV 7 Camping Show - Century Center South Bend - 01/13/22-01/16/22 (past)

Spring Hall of Fame RV Show - RV/MH HOF - 04/28/22-05/01/22 (postponed to 2023)

Fort Wayne RV & Camping Show - Allen County War Memorial Coliseum - 02/03/22-02/06/22

Find Deals on RV Parts and Accessories

In addition to RV dealers and manufacturers, there are plenty of RV parts stores and wholesalers for you to check out in the Elkhart Area. Like us here at RecPro! Our showroom is located in Bristol, Indiana, which is just about 10 miles east of Elkhart. Whether you are looking for aftermarket additions or need a replacement item, there are sure to be plenty of options for you.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, there are other options as well! Most RV Parts and Salvage businesses are listed in Elkhart County’s RV visitor’s guide for you to reference.

Non-RV Adventures

Not everything in Elkhart centers around the world of RVing. The Elkhart area prides itself on quality craftsmanship and creative innovations. To experience this firsthand, the Heritage Trail is a great place to start off your journey! The Heritage Trail will guide you through vibrant communities such as Elkhart, Goshen, Middlebury, Nappanee, Bristol, Wakarusa, and Shipshewana.

Whether you are a history buff or foodie looking to experience local cuisine, there’s something for you. If you want to shop until you drop or are in the mood for arts & entertainment, you won’t be disappointed in Elkhart County. There really is something for everybody!

Have you ever visited Elkhart, Indiana? Was there an activity, event, or restaurant you absolutely loved and recommend to others?

We are all about community here at RecPro, and we are happy to be a part of the RV community on a large scale, as well as part of the Elkhart County community!

Jun 28th 2022 Molly Muhs

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