Using Music to Improve Life

Using Music to Improve Life

In our current world, stress is a real problem. It’s one of the leading causes of disabilities, affecting blood pressure, anxiety, and even the common cold. It’s harmful to our bodies, our minds, and our ability to live a wonderful life. It can even lead to serious conditions, such as heart problems, and depression. While many people are able to take vacations and breaks to help them de-stress from normal life, others are unable to take them, whether due to time, cost, or other factors. So when you’re unable to visit your favorite camps, are unable to leave the house, or are just not financially able to go on vacation, there are other things you can do to keep your stress down, such as listening to music. If you’re spending your time in your RV, there are even ways to improve your listening experience, such as installing speakers. Improving your ability to listen to music can help you with stress, health, and even more.


There are many ways to decrease stress, from exercising to journaling to playing video games. One of the most portable and effective ways, however, is to listen to calming music. There are many meditation tracks out there that are designed to help you keep calm. While you may not be actually meditating, these tracks are great either way. Even when you are listening to louder music, you can still reduce your stress. Music is linked to emotions. Just think about your favorite song and the memories that it brings up. In a similar way, listening to your favorite music can replace your stress with more pleasant feelings, boosting your mood.


Stress is linked to many physical disorders and health concerns and by decreasing your stress, you can increase your physical health. When you are stressed, your immune system lowers. Chronic stress keeps this system down, opening you up to sickness and poor health. If you use music to lower your stress, you can keep your immune system up and working, keeping you safe from illness and on your feet. In addition, music helps you sleep, specifically calming music. It’s common knowledge that sleep is an important part of health, helping you rest from the day and prepare for the coming day. By listening to music and getting to sleep faster, you are improving your health and energy for the coming day.


Music helps to ground you in the present moment. This may sound like an odd fact of music, but it’s a really useful one. This fact is why listening to music can increase your productivity and make tasks fly by. Just think about cleaning your house with and without music. Without music, you get to thinking about all the things you’d rather be doing. With music, you can sing along to your favorite songs while quickly picking up your space without even thinking. This goes for other types of work as well. Many people find that they are able to complete more work with music in the background. By blocking out distractions while keeping you from thinking about the task itself, music helps you to focus, increase concentration and productivity.

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Another great way to use music is by listening to it to understand our emotions. There are sad songs, happy songs, angry songs, and more and listening to these songs, we are better able to understand what we are feeling ourselves. Sometimes, by hearing a musician say something in a song, we are able to understand our own feelings and put words to them. When we understand these emotions, we are better able to communicate them rather than leaving them bottled up. Doing this can lower our stress levels after time.

Apr 13th 2020 Ashley Baughman

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