The Elkhart Airshow Returns After 17 Years | RecPro

The Elkhart Airshow Returns After 17 Years | RecPro

World War 2 is considered one of the worst wars in history, with large and small conflicts raging across the entire globe. Tanks tread across the earth, soldiers marched through battlefields, and planes roared through the sky in epic and chilling battles that stories are told of to this day. It is difficult to put into words the intensity of these battles and even more difficult to truly comprehend just how great and terrible these battles were. But you can get a good idea when you come to Elkhart and join in the Salute To Veterans WWII Reenactment and Airshow, coming in May of 2023 to the Elkhart Municipal Airport!

Mayor Rod Roberson and Elkhart Municipal Airport Director Andy Jones are incredibly proud to host the Salute To Vets WWII Reenactment & Airshow. It has been 17 long years since the last airshow in Elkhart, with Mayor Rod Roberson noting that he was around 15 years old during the last. So why, after 17 long years, is the airshow returning? Since its creation, the airshow has been one of the most popular, and thereby most attended, events held in Elkhart County. Additionally, airshows across the nation had been receiving record-high attendance in 2021. These two facts alone lead Elkhart Municipal Airport Director Andy jones and Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson to feel that now is the perfect time for the return of the Elkhart airshow.

Elkhart Mayor Rod RobersonElkhart Municipal Airport Director Andy Jones

General Event Information

The first Salute to Vets event took place back in 2015, bringing enjoyment and thrills to many. This year's event is shaping up to be something truly remarkable and special this year, with many surprises yet to be unveiled, and it is expected to draw thousands. The event will run over the weekend near the end of May, from May 20th to May 21st. With this year being the 60th anniversary of the first woman in space, the event will be centered around the themes of women in aviation and, of course, World War 2. The vent will consist of three World War 2 reenactments in addition to two airshows over a two-day period, along with other unspecified surprises and 20 to 25 food vendors to fill the bellies of attendees. Speaking of attendees, veterans (as well as children under 5) are allowed to attend the event for free. For a list of all ticket prices, please visit this link.

WWII Reenactments

Military guys LaughingThe World War 2 reenactments promise to be quite an impressive display, with a total of three taking place over the weekend. The reenactments will consist of several simulated battles, with the first taking place on May 20th, 10 am Eastern. The reenactments are set to include a variety of vehicles used during the events of World War 2, including a selection of rare vintage military vehicles that are not often seen in reenactments. Furthermore, many of these rare vintage military vehicles have participated in the TV series "Band of Brothers" on HBO, making this event even more special. This selection of rare vintage military vehicles will include a "Donut Dolly," a vehicle driven by women during World War 2 to deliver coffee and donuts to soldiers on the front lines, hence the name.


Scott DuckScott Duck, Airboss of Dacy Airshows, who began his career in aviation back in 1994, will be leading the airshow. The airshow promises to be an astonishing spectacle, kicking off with a performance by the Misty Blues, a skydiving team comprised entirely of highly skilled women. This event will be closely followed by a performance from Susan Dacy, pilot of the famous Big Red Stearman. Scott Duck went on to state that the airshow will also include performances by Bob Richards in a highly modified Pitts and Israel military paratrooper Micheal Vaknin in an Extra 300. Other events will include performances with C47 planes and, of particular note, two Corsairs and two P51 planes flying in formation, an extremely rare event that is not often witnessed at airshows, even by other pilots. Scott Duck also went on to say that there will be other surprises of which he did not divulge details, as he and Airport Director Andy Jones have constantly been devising and adding more things to enjoy during this weekend-long event.

Tickets Available Now

RecPro is proud to sponsor the upcoming Salute to Veterans WWII Reenactment and Airshow event, an event that is clearly shaping up to be an unforgettable and awe-inspiring spectacle that generations, young and old, will enjoy. Tickets are available now, with a limited number of Discounted Weekend tickets available online. For more information on the schedule of events, ticket pricing, purchasing, and sponsors, or to sign up to volunteer at this event, please visit

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