Stress Needs a Vacation

Stress Needs a Vacation

In the midst of all the routine alarm clocks, bumper-to-bumper traffic hours and non-stop emails there must always be room for a vacation. There must be room to visit something unknown to you that takes you away from the everyday. A vacation is what stress needs and in the long run it may make you much more productive for the projects to come. Below are some reasons why that little bit of relaxation can really help your mind and your work! Lets be real, stress needs a vacation.

An Opportunity to Involve The Kids

Any opportunity to explore with your kids is one you should take, however, the reality is kids have school hours to complete and friends that are cooler than their parents or relatives to spend time with. The real catch is to go on a vacation together. It takes everyone out of their normal element (work and school). It allows you to leave the stress and real life conversations at home and instead make some new memories in a fun recreational place!

Sparking Your Creativity

When you go on vacation your mind has to become open to the new experience and while new sounds, sights and tastes are hitting your brain then your creativity may heighten as well. Cannot be any better solution to writers block or solving solutions at work than emerging yourself in a vacation that makes you think different. Be open-minded and learn from the people and places you are vacationing too. You may surprise yourself with what your new creative spirit comes up with.

Vacation Helps Maintain Focus

While you are away from it all, you are actually sharpening your sense of responsibility and focus. Many times before taking the time off a job or school you do the extra work that will make your return that much easier. It means that you keep your focus throughout vacation because we have already prepped yourself before your trip. Next time the boss up there asks what might improve your focus or productivity at work you may want to suggest a vacation.

Keeping Illness Away

According to a field of study called psychoneuroimmunology, it has been discovered that stress and its adrenal dysfunction can alter your immune system and make you susceptible to numerous illnesses. With that being said, you may be more susceptible to cold/flu but also more serious infections. Science and for many of us common sense says vacation keeps you healthy! It reduces some of those high stress levels and keeps some of those stress-related infections at bay.

Never cancel out a vacation when it comes to stress. It may be just the fix you need to keep the rest of your life in order. While taking time off is not the easiest thing to do, working without a break sounds much harder, give it a little more thought the next time you feel your stress levels going through the roof.

Jan 12th 2018

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