Straying From Stereotypes - How Modern RV Upgrades Have Embraced the 21st Century

Straying From Stereotypes - How Modern RV Upgrades Have Embraced the 21st Century

Even though RV models are constantly being upgraded and improved, there are still plenty of old stereotypes that go along with the lifestyle. Many people consider traditional rigs to have an outdated, antiquated feel. Maybe you even think your own rig could use a few upgrades to bring it into this century!

The good news? There are plenty of those upgrades to consider, and installing just a few into your home on wheels can make a big difference in how it looks and how it functions. Because there are so many modern amenities to choose from, we’ll take a look at a few of the unique options you can install, to really give your rig the modern flare it deserves.

Charging Ports

In many new RV models, USB charging ports have become standard fare. But, you can also get them installed on older units, too. Having charging ports within your RV makes it easy to keep your entire family happy and ‘fully charged’ on their electronic devices. They can make long road trips go by quickly, since everyone won’t be fighting over the electrical outlet to charge their phone, tablet, etc.

Electric Ranges

If you spend a lot of time (and take a lot of pride) in your rig’s kitchen, why not ‘soup it up’ with a new electric range? The latest craze is introducing a sleek, black, electric cooking range that can really add an entirely different look to your kitchen. Bulky gas ranges are not only dangerous and risky, but they’re also incredibly outdated. A kitchen remodel can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your rig, and switching up your cooking range is a great place to start.

Furniture Upgrades

For some reason, many RV-owners get stuck on the idea that they have to stay with the furniture that came with their model. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, furniture upgrades are one of the best way to feel more comfortable in your rig, while giving it a more modern look.

Of course, the furniture you choose depends completely on your particular preference and style. But, you might want to consider things like swiveling chairs, cupholders for couches, or more practical dining seating. Take a look at what you spend most of your time doing in your RV, and develop a ‘furniture plan’ based around that. Not only should furniture be fashionable, it should be functional. Combining those two factors alone will help to give your rig a more modern look and feel.

A New Era of Modern RVing

These are just a few ideas that can help you get started when it comes to bringing your RV into the 21st century. Or, they may just help you to squash old stereotypes surrounding these units. You may be surprised what a new RV has to offer - more modern amenities than most people think!

Most of the solutions listed here are easy to complete, and depend completely on your preference. Have a little fun updating and upgrading your rig, and really turning it into a modern hub on wheels. 

May 11th 2021 Stacey Koziel

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