Securing Your RV From Pests Vol. 3:  Spiders

Securing Your RV From Pests Vol. 3: Spiders

You may be noticing a theme with some of our recent blog posts: The truth is, no one wants to deal with pests, rodents, or insects crawling around their home on wheels. Today’s offender might be the creepy-crawliest yet - the spider.

The good news? Most spiders are actually beneficial. They help to control the insect population, which would otherwise completely be out of control. It’s true that some spiders can be dangerous. But, it’s likely they don’t mean to cause you any harm.

With that in mind, it’s definitely better to have a spider outside than in. So, let’s go over three easy ways you can keep spiders out of your rig, and out in the woods where they can continue their insect-eating sprees!

1. Keep it Tidy

Keeping your RV clean is one of the best things you can do to keep almost any type of pest away. But, it’s especially true for spiders. Where there are cobwebs or spiderwebs, you can expect these eight-legged creatures to show up.

When it comes to spiders, it’s not enough to just tidy up and hide your food away. Make a point to dust your furniture regularly, and vacuum often. This includes getting in corners on the floor, walls, and ceiling.

2. Spray a Scent

There are many natural and safe scents that might smell pleasant to you or I, but that spiders absolutely can’t stand. You can use these smells as natural repellents. Just dilute them with a bit of water and keep them in a spray bottle. Spray into corners or wherever you’ve had a problem with spiders before. Some of the best natural spider repellents include:


●Peppermint oil


●Citrus oil

3. Strategic Parking

One of the best things you can do to keep spiders from entering your RV in the first place is to plan where you park. Obviously, if you’re hitting up a campground, there are going to be spiders everywhere (don’t think about it too much!). But, there are certain areas you can avoid parking that will lessen the likelihood of an arachnid hopping on board.

Don’t park near wood piles, a bunch of leaves, piles of grass clippings, or low-hanging trees. These are prime hangout spots for spiders, and they won’t think twice about making their way over to your RV if you’re parked nearby.

Trapping a Spider in the RV

It’s always better to try banishing a spider from getting into your RV than trying to get rid of it once it’s already inside. Again, spiders are helpful creatures, so it’s a good idea to avoid killing them whenever possible. If one does wander into your RV, don’t panic. First, it’s important to identify what type it is if you can (Google can usually help).

If you’re able to safely trap the spider, you can then remove it from your vehicle and return it to its home outside. Always take precaution when going near a spider or trying to trap it. Remember, they aren’t out to hurt you, but sometimes a bite can be bad news!

Keeping spiders out of your RV will make for a more comfortable trip for everyone involved. Thankfully, it’s not as difficult as you may think, even when you’re camping in the woods! Try some of these tactics to keep those eight-legged invaders away, and as a bonus, your rig will probably smell really great!

Aug 15th 2018 Stacey Blaske

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