RV Sewer Hookup Problems? Crazy New Solution! | RecPro

RV Sewer Hookup Problems? Crazy New Solution! | RecPro

Living the RV lifestyle isn’t always sunshine and daisies. There are certain responsibilities every RVer has to deal with at some point, some of which may not be very pleasant. A prime example of this situation is when RVers need to deal with their sewage. Dealing with sewage is just another part of living the RV life. You might not like it, but at some point, you will need to empty out your waste water tanks. This isn’t a problem for most people and ends up being a quick and smooth process that is done in no time. But some individuals, such as those staying at older RV parks, may run into a slight issue.

The Problem

RV Sewer Hose Connected To Septic AccessSo, what exactly is this dastardly little issue that some RVers may run into? It’s pretty simple, really. Your sewer hose may not fit the sewer hookup. The standard sewer hose size carried by most RVers is around 4 inches, around the same size as a standard sewer hookup. However, many RV parks and states have rules and laws that do not allow RVers to simply stick their sewage hose into the sewage hookup hole and let ‘er rip, as this is considered an unsecured connection that could allow vapors and gasses to escape. Most people solve this problem by attaching a small rubber donut to the end of their hose and then stuffing the other end of that rubber donut into the sewage hookup, which creates a tight and secure seal.

However, these sewage hose donuts are designed to fit the typical, standard-sized sewage hookup hole size of 4 inches. Some RV parks, especially older RV parks, have sewage hookup sizes of around 3 inches, which is too small for most modern RV sewage hoses and hookups.

The Solution

White Paper CupSo what can you do if you need to empty out your waste water tanks, but your sewage hose doesn’t fit the sewage hookup? Well, the first solution is to buy an adapter for your hose that allows it to connect to sewage hookups of different sizes. However, this can be expensive, and these kinds of adapters can often be rather large and bulky. And if you don’t have one but need to empty your tanks right away, you’ll probably find it difficult to obtain one since there probably won’t be an RV part store around the corner.

A quick, easy, and temporary solution is to use a paper or styrofoam cup. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But it works in a pinch, and disposable cups like this can be found in just about any general store and easily stored away! Simply take your disposable cup and cut out the bottom. Then, insert the cup into your rubber donut. Once you have done this, you can attach your sewage hose to your rubber donut as you normally would. The cup should fit snugly into the sewage hookup and form a seal so that you can drain your sewage safely and easily, and when you are done, you can simply dispose of the cup. This is a quick and easy way to empty out your sewage if you run into a problem like this, but it is only a temporary solution.

Convenient, But Temporary

While this paper cup trick can be quite the lifesaver in a pinch, it isn’t something you should solely rely on. When you live your life traveling in an RV, you are bound to come across surprises and challenges, and it is always best to be as prepared as you can be for them. While not a permanent solution, using a paper or styrofoam cup can help tide you over long to get your hands on proper equipment for sewage disposal.

Do you have any other tips to share? Have you tried the paper cup trick before? Let us know in the comments below!

Mar 27th 2023 Corey Johnson

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