RV Couple Suffers Grizzly Attack in National Forest (and it was RecPro to the rescue)

RV Couple Suffers Grizzly Attack in National Forest (and it was RecPro to the rescue)

Northwest of Lake Tahoe, in the shadow of the Sierra Buttes, a tragedy occurred. A 500 lb. California Black Bear attacked a couple and their small dog, inside of their camper, during the first week of their stay at the Sierra Shy’s RV Park in Sierra City, California.The beautiful park, situated in the Tahoe National Forest, was the site of this grizzly attack. Was it the poor huddled family this bloodthirsty carnivore was lusting after? No. Was it after the couple’s brave little dog who tried to fend off the quarter-ton monstrosity with naught but its barks? No. Was it an errant picnic basket in the RV, if we are to believe the stereotypes about bears in national parks, that this Yogi-wannabe wanted? No. Those types of bears wear fedoras and ties, and this was no tie-wearing bear. No, this bear had a much more sinister agenda. It was after their chairs. Wait…what?

The couple, Mike and Linda, had been at the RV grounds only a week. They’d set up camp and were enjoying the peace, quiet, and RV lifestyle with their friends. Little did they know that on the outer perimeter lurked a vicious wanton beast hungry for the faux leather of their brand-new Charles Luxury RV Recliners. At 3 a.m. Pacific Time, the couple was startled from their sleep by their barking dog and the sound of a 500 lb. bear reaching the through the windows of their RV. The bear was clawing up their chairs. Why? Well, who can blame him? Once you’ve seen the beautiful chairs from RecPro, you want to get your paws on them, too. According to friends of the couple, who were at the campground with Mike and Linda, this was no ordinary bear.

“This bear is a huge red California Black Bear that has become habituated to human food. These sweet friends of ours had just set up camp, got their new chairs in their RV, and one night woke up to that bear standing outside, reaching in through two windows and clawing the heck outta their recliner loveseat."

According to the couple, and other campers at the Sierra Shy’s, this isn’t the first time the bear has created chaos at camp.He has reportedly attacked, and broken into, restaurants; ransacking them and causing many thousands of dollars in losses. He isn’t afraid of humans, and that has some campers scared. How could you not be? Especially when not even your luxury recliners are safe?

Once the dust settled and the bear went off to another campground where he’d apparently heard there were a pair of La-Z-Boys that needed his attention, the couple called RecPro to see if we could help them. They had hoped that there was some sort of…bear clause…in the purchase agreement. Taking a cue from the people at State Farm, we can happily say that we covered it. While our comfortable furniture is many things, it is not bear-proof. We’ve tested our pieces against flamethrowers and now, bears. Both times they’ve held up fairly well. If we face a flame throwing bear, we’ll be in real trouble.

We know that things happen. It’s why we make sure to cover our products with generous return and shipping policies. We happily replaced Mike and Linda’s sofa. We’re also happy to say the family is in good spirits. Though their recreational vehicle and furniture is a bit worse for wear. Hopefully they’ll bear it for just a little while longer until their new loveseat arrives.

Jul 5th 2018 S.D. Shank

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