Production of Keystone's Arcadia Super Lite Begins

Production of Keystone's Arcadia Super Lite Begins

Keystone RV has begun a new chapter in its life with the introduction of a super lightweight product line for its Arcadia brand. 

Arcadia Super Lite will soon begin production with four new floorplans. These unique floorplans will range from 28 feet to 34 feet while offering weights easily within most half-ton pickup trucks towing capacity.

Colin Clark leads the Raptor brand of toy haulers in addition to Arcadia. As a result of several strategic personnel moves, Clark has recently been designated as the Product Manager for Arcadia, displaying the commitment and faith Keystone has in the Arcadia brand. 

Product Manager Colin Clark stated, “In recent years, RV manufacturers have become rather generous with ‘half-ton’ weights.” Clark went on to say, “Based on the interest in Arcadia we’ve seen with both new RV buyers and owners who are moving into the brand from motorized RVs, we saw an opportunity to significantly expand our market by manufacturing a product line has all of Arcadia’s panache in floorplans that are truly half-ton towable.” 

Sam Lengerich, who held significant creative control and influence over Keystone’s Montana brand, will be in charge of the product design and development of the Arcadia brand. The two Keystone veterans will work with an incredible sales team that includes notable individuals such as Jeff Rank, Dustin Tavernier, and Brodie Delcamp.

Vice President of Sales Josh Miller offered this statement: “With four of the top ten brands, Keystone continues to dominate the fifth wheel category. We expect Arcadia to be a big part of the company’s future and couldn’t be more excited about the horsepower we’re adding to that team.” 

Super Lite models are designed to offer RVers a more expansive and open feeling experience than traditional RVs, similar to Arcadia’s full-size floorplans. These Super Lite models integrate a uniquely designed front cap along with LCI’s Space Saver upper deck chassis design. The Arcadia Super-Lite line is built to make the most of a gap in the market. The company claims their Super Lite models will weigh less than competing models in the same class, come with many more features, and feature highly aggressive pricing. 

New models in the Arcadia lineup are currently shipping and will be available for display and viewing at the Hershey RV Show in addition to THOR’s Dealer Open House. Floorplans with consideration for the Arcadia Super-Lite series can be found on Keystone’s website.

Aug 19th 2022 Corey Johnson

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