Keeping Raccoons at Bay While Out in the Woods

Keeping Raccoons at Bay While Out in the Woods

3 Useful Tips to Keep Raccoons Away from Your Campsite – and to Save Your Snacks in the Process!

Raccoons around a campsite may sound like nothing more than an old stereotype. But, stereotypes are sometimes in place for a reason. It's not uncommon to see these nocturnal bandits roaming around campsites looking for your tasty treats. Though, if you start to see them roasting a marshmallow for a s'more, you might have a real problem.

While it's important to preserve wildlife and create as few disturbances as possible when you're camping, it's understandable not to want pests like raccoons around your campsite. They can cause problems, make a mess, and may even carry some diseases. Thankfully, it doesn't take much work to keep them from infiltrating your camp. Keep these three easy tips in mind on your next outing, and those little night owls will move on to another campsite (someone who clearly didn't read this article!).

1. Food Storage

Perhaps the most obvious solution to keeping raccoons away is to store your food properly. But, it's still something that so many of us forget. The best thing you can do is to keep your cooler locked away somewhere where it's impossible for a raccoon to break in. This could be in the trunk of your car, or simply inside your RV. If you do want to leave it outside, be sure to invest in a durable cooler with a lock. Raccoons might look like bandits, but they haven't mastered breaking open locks just yet!

2. Get Snuggly Soft

No, this doesn't mean you should snuggle a raccoon! But, you can use fabric softener sheets from your laundry to keep them away. Place sheets anywhere, from your tent to around your RV (just make sure to hang them or pin them down so they don't blow away!). You can also keep them around your backpack or cooler(s).

Not only do raccoons not like the smell of the softener, but it also hides the smell of food. They'll be less curious to look around your campsite for what they can eat. Apparently, they just aren't a fan of comfortable, clean clothes.

3. Let There Be Light

Raccoons are nocturnal for a reason – they aren't big fans of light! Want to keep your campground secure at night? Leave a lantern going. Raccoons like to work under the cloak of darkness, so a constant light through the night will deter them from getting into your food or disrupting your campsite.

If they do happen to break through or you see a racoon starting to get into your cooler, shine a flashlight in their direction. You can do this from a safe distance, and the light will usually cause them to go away quickly.

It doesn't have to be hard to keep raccoons away from your campsite or your food. Follow these three easy tips the next time you're on a camping adventure, and your supplies will remain safe from the sticky fingers of the night's greatest food thief!

Jun 18th 2018 Stacey Blaske

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