In Honor of Sweetest Day

In Honor of Sweetest Day

In certain regions around the US, the third Saturday of October is celebrated as “Sweetest Day.” Sweetest Day is commonly perceived as a second Valentine’s Day or is disregarded as a gimmick to increase candy and card sales. According to Ohio Memory, a history organization in the state where Sweetest Day first began, the origins of this unofficial holiday are rooted in charity, kindness, and (of course) candy. The first Sweetest Day was recognized on October 8, 1921, when Cleveland-based candy makers teamed together to hand out over 10,000 boxes of candy to local orphanages, nursing homes, and hospitals.

Today, there are many ways people choose to celebrate Sweetest Day. This may be going on a date with a significant other, donating in-demand items to a food pantry, or even calling up a family member or old friend for a quick chat.

Reconnect with a family member or friend

Life gets busy, and it can be too easy to lose touch with family and friends who aren’t involved in your daily life. It can mean a lot to hear from someone who cares about you, especially if it has been a while. Even if you’re not sold on the whole idea of Sweetest Day, take a little time out of your day within the next few days to call someone you haven’t spoken with in a while.

Make a charitable donation

There are more ways to donate than simply writing a check, and for Sweetest Day this year, make a plan to give to charity in some way to recognize the holiday. Making a monetary donation is always helpful, but be sure to research the organization you choose to give it to and ensure that you support the cause and are comfortable with their practices.

Beyond money, you can also give time and goods. Instead of cleaning out your pantry and donating the stuff from the back, call or check online for a list of the most wanted items for local food charities. If you have any of the items in good condition, donate those, or you can set a budget and go grab a couple of list items from the store. Local charities in town may accept donations that will go directly to community members in need, so be sure to check into this as your first option. Your time is valuable and one of the greatest gifts you can give. Check into local volunteer opportunities at places like animal shelters, senior centers, and community organizations to see how you can be of service.

Plan a date/activity night

Moving away from charity and more into romance, you can always treat your significant other to a date night for Sweetest Day. Focus on activities that promote quality time together. Since many of our readers are RV travelers, we wanted to put together a list of campground date ideas that you and your partner in both life and travel can enjoy. Keep reading for more!

Toast Marshmallows Over the Campfire

Grab some firewood, your S’mores supplies, and a blanket large enough to share and spend the evening enjoying a campfire together. October is an excellent time of year for campfires because the bugs are mostly gone for the season, and the cold weather makes a hot fire all the more appealing. Make a rule to put the phones away, except maybe to play some fireside jams, and make it a point to enjoy some quality time in honor of Sweetest Day.

Carve Pumpkins

Halloween is quickly approaching, so why not get into the spirit by carving pumpkins for date night? You don’t need to be an artist, or even really that creative, to carve jack-o-lanterns. Get a pumpkin carving kit from the grocery store, look up some inspiration online or print out an image for a template, and get carving. It can get quite messy, though, so it may not be a bad idea to put down some newspaper or paper towel when you remove the gooey seeds. Speaking of seeds, have you ever tried baking pumpkin seeds? It’s a simple yet tasty snack. After removing the seeds, rinse them off and lightly coat them with your preferred cooking oil. This could be coconut oil, olive oil, butter, or something else. You can also add spices or seasonings as you please, such as cinnamon and sugar or curry powder with sea salt. Roast for a bit in the oven and enjoy!


Fall is a great time to see the stars! You may have to drive a bit outside of the city to get a better view but watching the stars can be a magical experience. If you are taking your RV for a fall camping trip in more rural areas with less light pollution, your chances of seeing the stars clearly and vividly go way up. You can try and use a star map to identify constellations, or there are options available in app stores. If you choose to use a phone app, limit your activity on your phone to stargazing so as not to be rude during your date! If you can get to an area with star-viewing capabilities, this is a great date option to try this Sweetest Day.

Watch a movie…or a few!

To embrace fall and also celebrate Sweetest Day, plan a cozy movie night in your RV. A movie night isn’t quite complete without snacks. Whether you make a couple of homemade goods or pick up some salty and sweet snacks from the store, make it feel special by doing something a little extra! If you are unsure of what to watch, be sure to check out our RV Feature Movie Must-Watch List for all the classics that feature RVs or motorhomes.

Have you ever heard of Sweetest Day? Do you celebrate or recognize Sweetest Day? Will you be doing something in honor of Sweetest Day this year? If so, what are you going to do? Since Sweetest Day is more of a regional holiday, let us know where you’re from with your comments. 

Oct 14th 2022 Molly Muhs

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