I Keep Camping On My Own - Tips for Solo Camping During Social Distancing

I Keep Camping On My Own - Tips for Solo Camping During Social Distancing

During this time of “social distancing,” you might think you’ll have to cancel any camping plans you have in the near future, but that’s not true. There are no rules during these strange and uncertain times that say you can’t go outside.

In fact, getting out and getting some fresh air can help you to feel a bit more ‘normal,’ especially if you’ve been going stir-crazy by staying indoors.

It’s the perfect opportunity to take a solo camping trip. Camping on your own can help you to relax, reflect, and recharge. So, let’s look at a few tips you should keep in mind to make the most of a solo experience.

Choose the Location That Fits Your Needs

Think about what you really need most right now. Do you want to sit and reflect, write in your journal, or just breathe deeply in a place of serenity? You might want to choose a camping location that is a bit more remote, or fully enveloped in nature. Being able to camp by a body of water is a great way to feel calmer and tranquil in times of stress.

If you want to blow off some steam because you’ve been cooped up for too long, choose a location with a lot of hiking trails or other activities you can do on your own. We’ve talked in previous blogs about how being outside and exercising can both boost your mood, so if the current state of things has got you down, engaging in some outdoor activities while you’re camping can give you the boost you need to feel better.

Have a Goal in Mind

You may not typically have “goals” for your regular camping trips. But, during times like these feeling as though you’ve accomplished something can make a big difference.

Your goal and location can really go hand-in-hand. Do you want to write more? Draw? Do you want to go home feeling more relaxed? Do you want to get some work done?

Whatever the case, have a specific goal in mind to work toward on your trip, and you can go home feeling as though you really got something out of the trip.

Be Safe When You’re Solo

Camping safety is important all of the time, but it’s especially crucial when you’re alone. It’s okay to take a few extra precautions to ensure your safety, starting with letting people know where you’re going to be. Give a family member or friend your itinerary for your trip, as well as ways they can contact you.

You should also look at the weather forecast ahead of time. The last thing you want is to be out on your own and unprepared. Knowing the forecast can help you pack properly, including whatever extra essentials you might need. Don’t forget the first-aid kit!

It’s understandable to want to get away during times like these. Maybe your spring break plans got canceled, or maybe you just need some time to breathe in the midst of all of this craziness. Solo camping is a great way to feel more like yourself again when the world feels a little upside down. Hopefully, these tips will inspire you to get outside sometime soon and safely enjoy your time alone.

Mar 30th 2020 Stacey Koziel

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