How RV Windows Can Change Your Interior

How RV Windows Can Change Your Interior

When was the last time you took a good look at your RV windows? When was the last time you even gave much thought to them? Windows are a simple and common part of nearly every RV, camper, and motorhome. However, that simplicity belies just how important your RV windows are and how much they can affect the comfort and aesthetics of your RV interior. If you are looking for a chance to spice up your RV, start with your windows!

Importance Of Your Camper Windows

You may not realize it when casting a casual glance over them, but your camper windows are pretty multifunctional. Despite being a static piece of hardware that does not move around much, your RV windows serve several purposes. For starters, your windows help determine the energy efficiency of your RV, how comfortable your RV can be, and more. A leaky window can really degrade the energy efficiency of your RV. If your window is leaky, your RV furnace or air conditioner will need to work harder to keep the interior filled with warm or cool air.

One function of your camper windows that you may not think of right away is how they influence the interior aesthetics of your RV. Just like in a traditional home, a nicely dressed window can help make the room pop, while a bare window can make the room feel off. The problem of a plain window is subtle yet profound. Even if you have the right furniture, lovely paint on the walls, and stunning flooring, a bare window can still give you a sense of discomfort. If you want to enhance the interior design of your RV, your camper windows are an excellent place to start!

Give Your Trailer Windows Some Style

The problem of a bare window is one that can be solved with little time and effort. There are a ton of different ways that you can spruce up your trailer windows to give them an added flair of style that will help tie your whole interior design together.


Window valences are a super-easy way to jazz up your windows. They should be one of the first things you upgrade in your quest for superior interior aesthetics. Most RV factory valences are passable, though not impressive, making it very easy to add a splash of color to improve this part of your RV window.

The window valence is the piece that attaches over the top of the RV window and drapes a short piece of cloth around the top edge. The fabric for window valences comes in a wide variety of designs, materials, and patterns, making it easy to find something that fits your design theme.


Curtains are another essential to any window aesthetic design, even more so than window valences. Unlike window valences, curtains hang on the side of your RV window. Most curtains are designed to slide back and forth on a bar that hangs over the front of your window. This allows you to "close" the curtains by sliding them in front of the window or "open" the curtains by sliding them to the side.

Like valences, curtains come in a host of different colors, materials, patterns, and designs. Some curtains even come with fancy-looking ties that hold the curtains open at each side, giving them a more refined appearance. Matching the style and design of your trailer windows' curtains and valance can go a long way in making your room pop out.


Curtains and valances are not for everyone. Some people prefer the elegant simplicity of some lovely window blinds. Blinds not only serve to enhance the appearance of your window but are often better at blocking out sunlight and providing you with more privacy. Many trailer windows come with simple blinds of their own, but that doesn't mean you can't upgrade them to something better.

As with valances and curtains, blinds for your trailer windows can be found in a stunning array of different colors, designs, patterns, and materials. Some of which you won't find in curtains or valences. If you are going for a rustic and natural feel, you may enjoy some natural wood blinds!

Care For Your Windows

Your RV windows need care and maintenance to keep working and looking good, just like any other part of your RV. Thankfully, the care and maintenance these windows need are relatively low-effort. Most of your general RV window cleaning and care can be done with just a cloth and some residue-free glass cleaner. You can use an extender tool if you have trouble getting to those hard-to-reach areas.

Every once in a while, you should inspect the seals around your RV window for gaps or cracks. Don't panic if you notice gaps or cracks developing around your RV window. Many of these issues can be solved by applying some clear silicone sealant.

Consider An RV Window Replacement

If you feel like the window itself is holding back the aesthetics of your RV, you are not alone. Camper windows come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and the size and shape of your window may simply not be to your liking. Or, your window could have a nasty chip or crack in it!

If you are unhappy with your window's size, shape, or general appearance, consider getting an RV window replacement. Although this can be a pricier way to enhance your RV interior design, it is effective. An RV window replacement can be more labor and time-intensive an endeavor than installing curtains, but the end result is a beautiful window that you are proud to have on your rig.

There are many different camper windows for sale for the average RVer to explore. Many camper windows for sale may offer you benefits that your previous windows didn't, such as tinted glass or internal blinds. Many RVers find great satisfaction with the aesthetics and functions of frameless RV windows, as they often provide a sleek, flush fit with the walls of the RV.

A Window To Improvement

Although RVers usually don't give much thought to their trailer windows, they can play a prominent role in your RV's overall appearance and enjoyment. Consider this advice next time you are thinking about sprucing up your RV - you may be surprised at the results you can achieve!

Do you prefer curtains or blinds? How have you spiced up your RV window, and how has it affected your RVing enjoyment? Let us know with a comment!

Apr 28th 2022 Corey Johnson

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