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How Golf Carts Improve RV Campground And Resort Experiences | RecPro

How Golf Carts Improve RV Campground And Resort Experiences | RecPro

Do you want to know what pairs with RVs better than a hand in a glove? Golf carts! A golf cart makes life on the move more convenient for RV lovers everywhere. Due to the high compatibility of golf carts and campers, most campground and RV resorts make specific provisions for golf carts. Still unsure if bringing a golf cart on your camping trips is right for you? Here are some convincing reasons you need a golf cart as an RVer.

Golf Carts are Great at Campgrounds and Resorts

Golf Carts and Campsites

How can golf carts increase the quality of your stay in RV parks and campgrounds? Let's take a look!

  • Do you want to move around quickly within a large RV campground? If so, a golf cart is the way to go! Golf carts are convenient for covering a lot of ground in no time without having to drive and use your car.
  • Taking out the trash and other mundane tasks have never sounded more appealing because the golf cart gets involved!
    • Quick Tip: If you want to avoid doing it, entice your kids/grandkids with a ride in the golf cart, it works like a charm!Wooded Campground
  • A golf cart can make reaching hiking trails and other campground areas much easier. You can also easily find your way and access more areas of the campsite than when moving on foot or with your vehicle.
  • A golf cart also affords you the luxury of venturing deeper into the campsite to explore secluded spots, enjoy the scenery, and live in the moment without exhausting yourself from walking. Many times there are paths and locations that prohibit the use of vehicles. As a result, your only option may be walking, and let's face it... that's tiring!
  • Lastly, a golf cart lets you visit friends, use facilities, and enjoy the RV campground without breaking a sweat. Often at campgrounds, the facilities or your camping buddies are just down the road. A golf cart allows quick access to bathrooms, pools, or any other campground facility!

Aside from simplifying operations, a golf cart also makes RV campsite living a ton of fun! You can add golf cart accessories to your ride to accommodate other activities as you embark on your journey. Add a rear seat to travel with more passengers or carry your camping gear, a cooling pack for cold drinks while on the go, or a fishing rod holder for your fishing trip. Add a lift kit, some new golf cart wheels and tires, and a light kit, and your golf cart is now ready for the most extreme off-road adventures! With so many options, it's no wonder golf carts are a favorite for most camping RVers.

Golf Carts and Resorts

Golf carts are also a great resource in resorts. The sheer size of resorts can make getting from one point to the next a burden in an otherwise perfect getaway. No one wants to walk to faraway sandy beaches or access much-needed amenities. Worse still, with the sun beating on your back, you'll be a grumpy mess by the time you arrive anywhere.

A golf cart is the perfect solution for such scenarios. No wasting time in the hot sun because the golf cart moves faster and has a roof to keep you covered. You can also preserve your strength for a quick dip in the pool or sitting on a beach chair sipping a pina colada.


Golf carts are relatively lightweight, and you can safely mount them on your RV with an RV golf cart carrier. Most golf cart carriers for RVs are floating platforms or platform trailers, and floating platforms attach directly to your RV's frame. In addition, golf cart carriers have hydraulic systems for easy loading and unloading. If you don't have a carrier, attach a small trailer to your RV and load up your golf cart for easy transportation. If you have yourself a toy hauler, your ability to transport a golf cart is even easier! Before buying your golf cart carrier, know your RV's maximum towing capacity. It is written somewhere in your RV, but you can also calculate it by removing your RV's Gross Combined Weight Rating from your Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. For the record, the average golf cart weighs between 500 to 1,200 pounds. If you can't attach that directly to your RV, a small trailer is your solution.

Transport Heavy Items Faster in the RV Camping Site or Resort

A golf cart enables you to carry all your comforts when you head out for the day. Pack supplies, lawn chairs, fishing equipment, towels and blankets, and whatever else you need to ensure a pleasant time outdoors. You need not handle weighty loads when the golf cart can do the heavy lifting!

Golf Cart Rolling Across A Field

A Golf Cart Makes Group Camping Adventures Easy

It takes work to manage a group of adventure seekers. There are always one or two individuals needing an extra push. With a golf cart, everybody gets to be at the designated location, enjoying the planned activities without worrying about when the stragglers will arrive (sorry, Grandma!)

Golf carts can also help ensure no one gets lost in the transition. Another bonus is everyone relishes a good golf cart ride. Kids will have a field day when they get to ride to their next destination and won't be complaining from start to finish! Since everyone loves taking a golf cart ride, golf carts also help ensure no one gets lost in the transition from one place to another.

Old Man Golfing Next To Golf CartA Golf Cart is Perfect for Golfers in an RV Camp

Golfing is often a favorite activity for RV campground dwellers. As a result, it should come as no surprise that so many RV campsites have their own golf courses. A golf cart makes blending the activities of golfing and camping nothing to stress about! Get from your camper to the golf course, play a few rounds, and then head back to your trailer in lickety-split time with a golf cart!

Golf Carts are Environmentally Friendly

Did you know you can reduce your carbon footprint with a golf cart? An electric golf cart vehicle has no gas tank or exhaust; even gas golf carts have a minimal environmental impact. Instead of running errands with your truck in the RV campground, purchase this low-emission vehicle and contribute to the health of your environment. An added benefit of golf carts is that they are very quiet, so you don't have to worry about disturbing your neighbors.

Add a Golf Cart to Your RV Today

Like RVs, your options for purchasing and modifying a golf cart are endless. If you love camping and want to take your camping experience to the next level, consider adding a golf cart.

Feb 23rd 2023 Roshan Patel

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