How Does Color Temperature Affect Furniture Fabric?

How Does Color Temperature Affect Furniture Fabric?

One of the most overlooked parts of finding the perfect furniture piece for your RV is how the light will affect the colors. This might not seem like an important thing until you order a light color, bring it into your RV, and find out that it looks dark in your dim interior. Colors change with the amount and the type of light, from the furniture fabric to the countertops to the shades. Of course, the fabric itself doesn’t change, but it just looks different in different situations.

There are three different ways that light can appear: warm, neutral, and cool. This is related to a Kelvin scale, but it is essentially the colors that pop the most under these lights. Warm light brings out yellows, reds, and other warm colors, cool light brings out blues, grays, greens, and other cool colors, and neutral light doesn’t bring out a color but simply lights it up. Warm lights often come from the overhead ceiling lights, wall lights, and other artificial lights. Cool light comes in from natural sunlight or from certain LED lights. Neutral light is less common and can often be created from a mix of these. The problem that often comes with RVs is that you have a mix of these lights. For example, you could have your recliner set against a wall with warm artificial lights above and beside it and cool natural light coming in from the windows behind it. This mix is different from RV to RV, which is why it can be difficult to know exactly how the color will look in your specific setup.

To fix this problem and know exactly how a color will look, we recommend ordering a sample fabric packet. With one of these, you can flip through our fabric selection and see both how it feels and how it looks with your RV interior and lights. With this knowledge, you can make a better decision for your colors and feel more confident in ordering exactly what you need for your rig. To order a furniture swatch for the Cloth and Suprima fabrics,  click here.

Mar 12th 2021 Ashley Baughman

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