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Happiest States To Live In

Happiest States To Live In

When you’re deciding where you want to go on vacation or even where to live, there are several things you think about. To help you choose the perfect location, we’ve searched the web for the happiest and unhappiest states in America. While there may be states who have ranked lower or higher than others, each state has something to bring to the world of RV travel. From the mountains of Colorado to the open plains of Texas to the ocean view from Florida, there is something for everyone.

So then, what makes a state happy? While there are several factors, the big ones are the work environment of the states, the physical and emotional well-being of the people in them, and the state’s community and environment.

  • Work Environment: There are many factors that affect job satisfaction. Do employees feel respected by others? Is the pay satisfactory? Do the hours allow for enough work-life balance. With so many different parts to the puzzle, it can be difficult not to group job satisfaction with “good jobs” and “bad jobs.” One interesting point (that so many people keep telling us) is that money can’t buy happiness. On average, happiness does not increase once you reach a level where you are able to support yourself and others effectively.
  • Physical and Emotional Well-Being: Part of feeling happy is feeling good. Just think of how many times you’ve had a cold and have been unhappy throughout it. Of course, you can still choose to be happy even when you don’t feel good. You can choose to spend time with people we love, doing things that we enjoy. However, for the most part, feeling good inside and out affects how happy a person is. We can improve this good feeling by exercising, de-stressing after a long day, and doing activities that help us understand and handle our emotions better.
  • Community and Environment: This doesn’t necessarily mean what the physical environment of the state is like. This includes things like volunteering, community support, and even how polluted the air is. After all, finding bottles on your beach doesn’t make for the best swim day. Human beings are social, which means we need the support of others to live our lives well. In communities and states where this is given and encouraged, many people can be seen to be happier and more supportive of one another.

Now that we have discussed the ways in which a state can show a high level of happiness, let’s take a look at the ranking. Just keep in mind that even though a state may rank high or low on the scale, each state has something special it can bring to the RV life and vacationing in general.

The top ten states are:

  1. Hawaii (first in physical and emotional well-being, however, not great in sleep adequacy)
  2. Utah (first in work environment)
  3. Minnesota (high in both emotional and physical well-being and in work environment)
  4. North Dakota (high in both emotional and physical well-being and in community and environment, as well as the lowest long-term unemployment rate)
  5. California (high in physical and emotional well-being)
  6. Idaho (first in community and environment)
  7. Maryland (high in physical and emotional well-being)
  8. Iowa (high in both work environment and community and environment)
  9. South Dakota (high in physical and emotional well-being, and is the best for sleep adequacy)
  10. Nebraska (high in physical and emotional well-being and one of the lowest in terms of long-term unemployment rates)

While these may be ranked in terms of happiness, there are a ton of reasons to try out any state. For example, Florida is famous for its attractions and tropical feel. If you’re looking for a warm vacation by the beach, you just can’t go wrong with Florida. And how about if you’re a fan of roller coasters? If flying around through some of the best coasters in the world sounds like the perfect vacation, then Cedar Point in Ohio is the place for you. With so many amazing attractions and sights that can be found in any of our 50 states, you really can’t go wrong with picking one. So before you head out on your trip, check out the amazing things that can be done in any of the states!

Apr 23rd 2020 Ashley Baughman

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