Gift Suggestions for the RVer

Gift Suggestions for the RVer

What do you get for someone who has front-seat views to stunning sunsets, warmth from a campfire or the pleasure of paddling a quiet stream into the depths of a forest? Talk about a gift-giving dilemma!

While a gift cannot duplicate the RV experience, it can help the recipient enjoy the RV lifestyle a little more and demonstrate your love and support for their lifestyle of choice. A small token (or large gesture) is what gift giving is all about – sharing love and generosity.

The saying it is better to give than receive is true. Many people enjoy finding the right gift for those they care about. If that person is an RVer, there are many possibilities that fit. Camping, fishing and hiking are activities that require gear. Items that add comfort and warmth to the camp setup are also possibilities.

For practical purposes, an RV mat or rug is a thoughtful gift that will make the housekeeping chores a bit easier. Whether it is used indoors to brighten the décor or outside as a ground cover, this gift is both useful and practical. If it’s large enough and easy to clean, there is no reason why a large mat cannot help keep mud and dirt from being tracked inside. Let your children play on the mat outdoors and it adds usable space to RV living.

Folding chairs, folding stools or a small folding ladder is another example of a practical present. Something that can be put away when not in use and helpful when needed works well when space is limited, such as in an RV. You can personalize it by matching it to the décor, stenciling a pretty motif to add charm, or adding some other embellishment.

A hammock is another gift that is almost guaranteed to be enjoyed by all. Nothing is more relaxing than stretching out in a hammock, being rocked gently by the breeze, and either catching some sleep or de-stressing to the sounds of nature. It should be easy to set-up and take down, durable for repeated use and able to stand up to weather.

A compact, lightweight tool kit is both useful and thoughtful. When something breaks, having the tools to make a quick repair lessens the stress and gets everyone back on track. Look for one that offers the most options for everyday repairs and one that fits easily into the RV or camper. Keep it lightweight because when you are traveling in an RV, weight matters!

Appliances are a popular gift idea for anyone, but when choosing an appliance for an RVer, make sure it is small enough to not get in the way. RV kitchens are not spacious and counter space is a premium. An appliance like an instant pot or air fryer can help make cooking indoors less of a chore. Another great appliance for anyone who is RVing is a countertop ice maker. Who wouldn’t want ice at the ready on a hot summer day? And for the coffee addicts, a small coffee maker, like those that brew a cup or two, and a selection of coffees is an idea that would work well in an RV or camper.

Welcome flags, sports team flags, or seasonal flags can be seen hanging from porches in neighborhoods. Why not gift a flag or two so the RVer can express their personality at their campsite? It makes the campsite easy to identify and can be an icebreaker for making conversations with neighboring campers.

While we are talking about decorations, giving a string of led lights is a practical and fun gift. The extra lighting outside provides safety and if the lights have a fun design or color, it turns up the celebration factor. Purple and orange for Halloween or red, white and blue for the Fourth of July can set the tone for a festive gathering of campground neighbors.

Another useful gift is purchasing a National Park Pass or a state park pass. This pass supports parks financially and allows the person with the pass admission-free enjoyment of the outdoors and access to the parks’ amenities.

Another gift that is perfect for life on the road is a book. Digital books are the best option because there’s nothing to store. E-book readers are a thoughtful way for a Bibliophile to indulge in their favorite pastime. A subscription to an audio-book service is a thoughtful add-on.

If the person you are buying for has a particular hobby, think of ways to gift that to them. For example, a fly fisherman may like a selection of new flies, or a knitter might enjoy a selection of yarn and some new needles. Families would enjoy new board games, especially the smaller size versions. Pet owners always appreciate gifts that keep the furry member of the family in mind.

Christmas ornaments with a camping theme, a sturdy travel mug, and other knick-knacks and do-dads celebrate the RV lifestyle and can be fun ways to add to the RV décor. Even if the RVer in your gift-giving circle is not a full-timer, gifts that remind them of their RV lifestyle will bring a smile and a sincere thank you.

Searching for the right gift can be fun. There’s no better feeling than to see someone you love react with glee to a gift you give. 

Oct 29th 2021 Lois Tomaszewski

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