Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning Your RV

Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning Your RV

As winter is coming to an end, that is cause for celebration for RV enthusiasts. It’s finally almost time to set out on warmer adventures and have beautiful blossoming views to see. But, you can’t just set out in your RV straight to adventure. Just like you prepared your RV for winter, now it’s time to prep it for spring, summer, and fall. The changing of seasons means it's time for some RV spring cleaning.

Where to Start?

It can be an overwhelming task to clean your whole RV in preparation for use, especially if you’re still new to RVing and haven’t yet gotten your checklists all figured out. Starting early can be the perfect way to help lessen that overwhelming anxiety. By starting early, before you plan to have your first trip out, you are able to spread out your cleaning and pace yourself. And it’s beneficial if you discover any major problems that need professional attention, then you’re not struggling to get a repair done days before you plan to leave.

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The best place to start is with the basic checks of your RV systems. Checking fluid levels and batteries is an easy place to start. As is hooking your rig up to power and making sure everything that is supposed to be powered is actually getting power. You don’t want to be on the road just to find out there’s something wrong with the fridge power. You should also always check your tires. Especially if they’ve been sitting for a while.

Next you can inspect your awning. First making sure that it’s working properly and that all the mechanisms are working the way they’re supposed to. And then you can make sure that the awning itself is in good shape and that there’s no rips or tears in the fabric. If you find that your awning has seen better days, or maybe you just want a new look to your awning, check out RecPro’s wide selection of awning fabrics.

After checking on your awning, you can check over your roof, and be sure to do so carefully. You don’t want tears or leaks to ruin your camping trip. You can repair your roof sealant yourself, with something like RecPro’s roof tape, or if you have the time, you can take it in to have it professionally done.

Cleaning the Outside

The most obvious thing to clean is the RV itself. Giving it a clean and fresh coat of protecting wax can keep it looking great through all your adventuring. Other than the fresh wash, this is a great time to clean out all the storage compartments. Maybe you forgot something from last year and you’ve been looking for it. Or maybe your kid slipped a baggie of snacks into the compartment and no one saw it and now you’ve got a little ecosystem to deal with. Emptying your storage and giving it a wipe down will have you ready to store your belongings in a clean and fresh space.

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Checking all your seals is important too. You want to give them a wipe down and make sure there isn’t any gunk built up that’s going to prevent your slide out from working right. You also want to make sure your seals are in good condition and replace them if they are too worn. If your seals are looking good, then keep them looking good with a rubber seal conditioner.

One of the important exterior things to clean is your water systems. For black water tanks, there’s never enough times you can clean them, an extra rinse and clean will do a world of good. And this is the best time to check your stock on deodorizers so you won’t be stuck on the road with the stink. And when it’s freshly cleaned at the beginning of the season is the best time to check that your sensors are all working as they should. You don’t want to be midtrip when you discover your sensors are broken in the most unfortunate way possible. You’ll also want to sanitize your fresh water tank so that it’s in pristine condition and ready for drinking water and all your cooking needs.

Cleaning the Inside

Cleaning the inside of your RV or camper is much like cleaning your home. Trying to tackle the whole thing at once can be an uphill battle. By taking it room by room, you can make it less overwhelming to clean and help keep you and your things organized. If you’ve already removed most things from your RV, cleaning will be even easier. But not everyone empties their RV for storage. Pulling all the small things out of your RV, like bedding, cushions, things in cabinets, small appliances, etc, can make cleaning easier by not having to move stuff constantly or clean around things.

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This also makes for the perfect time to reorganize and remove things from your RV that you don’t need anymore. As you go through your items, you can see what you used and didn’t (or maybe what has expired) and make judgements based on how useful something is. If it’s just taking up space? Time to put it elsewhere, because space on your RV is a hot commodity. Having storage bins can help keep you organized and having them labeled can help you keep track of usable items, like a container for toilet paper or your tank deodorizers.

Reorganizing everything isn’t the only thing you want to focus on when cleaning the interior. You want to make sure that you’re deep cleaning the whole place. If your rig has been in storage, then it’s likely collected dust in that time. And you don’t want to set out on the road with a dusty camper. Deep cleaning will have your interior looking brand new. While cleaning, you will also be able to see if there is any damage or things that need repaired. Maybe your table leg has gotten a little loose and is wobbly now. Finding that while cleaning means you can get it taken care of before you hit the road and it becomes a major problem.

Don’t delay your spring cleaning. The earlier you start, the sooner you can get the cleaning done. Or if you start early, you can spread cleaning out over a period of time so you don’t have to feel so rushed when you’re prepping your RV for the road. Either way you plan to clean, once you’re done, you’ll have a clean, organized space ready for all your adventures. And maintaining an already clean space is easier than trying to deep clean on the road when you are tracking in dirt and debris. So, start your spring with a clean and fresh RV that’s ready for all your upcoming excursions.

Feb 19th 2024 Ashley Theirin

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