Fun Fall Activities Made Better in Your RV - Part I

Fun Fall Activities Made Better in Your RV - Part I

Fall is officially in full swing, and even though winter months may be looming around the corner, there is no reason you can’t still make the most of this colorful season - especially in the comfort of your rig!

There are plenty of ‘stereotypical’ fall activities that probably make your bucket list each year, from apple picking to carving pumpkins. But, some activities can be made even better because you have the benefit of an RV at your disposal. In this two-part blog series, we’ll take a look at some of the best fall activities that can be even more fun when you have a trusty rig.

Following Color Trails

Everyone knows the changing leaves and vibrant colors are one of the best parts of the autumnal season. So, why not ‘chase’ those colors and pack up your rig for some of the best color locations in the country? There are plenty of prediction maps and peak color season charts you can look up ahead of time. You can plan a quick trip around these colors, no matter where you choose to go.

Once you’re ready to take a fall color trip, pack up the right and make an adventure out of it. You have the ability to make something simple, like looking at fall leaves, into a memorable and comfortable road trip for the whole family.

The Best Way to Camp

Instead of just looking at the changing leaves as you drive by, choosing to tour around in an RV gives you a great opportunity to step into nature every day. Fall is a great time to go camping. When you’re driving a rig, you can take advantage of hiking, playing in the leaves, building a fire, and having a safe and warm place to spend the night.

Find a Festival

You haven’t fully experienced a fall celebration until you’ve hit up an Oktoberfest, or perhaps an apple or pumpkin festival. There are hundreds of events like this across the country, and you have the ability to hit the road and check some of them out! They are true celebrations of the season. Not only can they be educational when it comes to learning about different cultures, but they are always jam-packed with things to do, new foods to try, and entertainment to keep you and your family happy. Fall festivals never get old!

Making the Most of RVing in The Fall

We’ll share part two of this quick blog series shortly, and we’ll be back with more suggestions and tips on making the most of your rig this fall. Do you have to have an RV to enjoy everything the season has to offer? Of course not. However, driving around in an RV does give you more opportunities to try new things and experience the season at its fullest.

Don’t let the cooler weather keep you from setting up camp just yet. Just because summer has come to an end doesn’t mean your road trips need to. Take full advantage of this bright and beautiful season!

May 11th 2021 Stacey Koziel

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