Four Unique Hacks to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Four Unique Hacks to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Now that camping season is upon us, it means insect season is also in full force. There are few things worse than finding the perfect spot at a campsite, only to discover yourself under attack by pesky mosquitoes.

While traditional bug sprays and candles can be helpful, they aren't without faults. Some people are hesitant to use certain sprays because of chemicals. Others wear off with time, or sweat, so they aren't always the best choice – especially for kids.

Thankfully, there are some unique ways to keep mosquitoes at bay that you can use every time you set up camp. The best part? These solutions use things you probably already have on hand or planned to use during your camping trip, anyway!

1. Blow Some Bubbles

If you have kids with you, bust out the bubbles! You could also invest in a bubble machine to keep things moving, but this is a great activity for the kids and something they can do that won't attract mosquitoes their way while they're having fun.

There's a simple reason why bubble-blowing is such a good repellent: Mosquitoes don't like soap solutions. So, blowing bubbles all around your campsite can keep them away for quite some time. If you want an even more potent solution, mix some lemongrass oil into your bubble mixture. You can tell the kids they're mosquito hunters while they're having some sudsy fun!

2. Use Herbs

When you're camping, you might want to fire up the grill or cook something over an open fire. Did you know you can use some of your ingredients to keep mosquitoes away? For example, burning rosemary is a great natural repellent. If you're cooking steak or chicken, throw a few springs of rosemary onto the grill with them. The fresh herbs will add a lot of flavor to your food and will keep bugs away while you're trying to make dinner.

3. Be Very Vanilla

One way to keep mosquitoes from biting you is to disguise your natural scent. Very few things work better than the soothing, yet powerful scent of vanilla. Take a spray bottle and add a couple teaspoons of natural vanilla extract to a cup of warm water. You can then spray it all over yourself as a natural repellent. This will keep the mosquitos away and you'll smell like a baked good! Who doesn't want that?

4. Blow Them Away

Have a portable or standing fan in your RV? Put it to good use to literally blow mosquitoes away. Even a small fan that attaches to the outside of your rig can make a big difference. Not only will it keep your guests around the campsite cooler, but it will keep those pesky insects far away. Mosquitoes, because of their weak wings and light weight, can't fly in wind gusts over 10mph.

As you can see, keeping mosquitoes away isn’t a huge chore and it doesn't require countless bottles of bug spray. Use a couple of these DIY hacks on your next camping trip to keep them from ruining your day! 

May 25th 2018 Stacey Blaske

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