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Find Your Perfect Camp Site with Hipcamp

Find Your Perfect Camp Site with Hipcamp

Anyone who has tried to find a nice place to camp knows that it can be a frustrating experience. The process of locating, researching, and reserving a site often leads through a confusing mess of websites, and even then, you may not really know what you’re getting into until you show up and see it for yourself. Hipcamp is changing all of that.

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Hipcamp allows users to search, discover, and book a camping site that will meet their needs. The site offers a comprehensive list of over 280,000 campsites, from state and national parks to private land, and the list keeps growing. Each campsite has a fully detailed listing, including pictures, users reviews, and amenities, allowing potential campers to explore everything the spot has to offer. Anyone who has used popular travel and hotel booking websites such as Expedia will find the Hipcamp experience similarly simple to navigate.

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While finding a campsite is similar to booking a hotel room, there are some important differences. A hotel is often just a quick break during a lengthy travel, or a place to sleep. Camping, on the other hand, may be the final destination. Hipcamp has taken this into account with their useful search tool, which allows users to search campsites by available activities and amenities, which is great if you’re looking for a specific experience, such as horseback riding or kayaking.

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Hipcamp’s most innovative idea is the way in which they’ve integrated themselves into the “sharing economy” by giving private landowners the ability to list their facilities on the site. This gives owners of private lands such as vineyards, small farms, and ranches to supplement their income while allowing campers a whole new experience from that offered at a public park.

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Jan 12th 2018

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