Essential Grilling Gear Every RVer Needs

Essential Grilling Gear Every RVer Needs

Whether or not you consider yourself a pitmaster or grillmaster, if you’re out on the road with your RV, you’re bound to need grilling tools. When you have to prepare meals at campsites, parks, or other outdoor locations where traditional kitchen facilities may be limited, grilling tools will save the day. You can use these tools around the year, for a bit of fun outdoor cooking.

You may already have some common grilling tools, but you may need to procure others to improve your grilling prowess. Here is the rundown on different types of equipment and tools that you need to keep in your RV so that you’re always prepared for a grilled meal:

Portable Grill Options

RVers typically opt for compact propane grills as they are easy to use and convenient. Propane grills typically provide quick and adjustable heat. To get that conventional grilling flavor, opt for a charcoal model. However, do keep in mind that setting up and getting it going may take longer and may also be a bit messier. For certain types of foods, such as lobsters, a charcoal grill is the best option. An electric grill may also be a suitable and practical choice for RV use. You simply need to plug them in and they’re ready to go. These grills also come with adjustable temperature controls, so you can cook various foods with precision even if you don’t have much previous grilling experience. They’re also quite compact, making them perfect for RVs with limited space. Apart from the actual grill itself, you should also carry a grill cover, to keep your grill protected from outdoor elements that contribute to dirt and grime buildup.

The Fuel

You'll need the appropriate fuel for the grill you’ve chosen to carry. For a charcoal grill, you’ll need briquettes and fire starters. To efficiently start charcoal without the need for lighter fluid, carry and use a chimney starter. If you’ve opted for a gas grill, you’ll need natural gas or a propane tank, and if you’ve chosen an electric grill, you will require an electricity outlet.

Grilling Utensils and Accessories

Having these utensils and accessories in your RV keeps you prepared for handling various cooking scenarios and allows you to enjoy a diverse range of delicious grilled meals on your trips:

Grill Light: Although a grilled meal is quite appealing under the stars or with a view of the sunset, the conditions during these times may be less than ideal for grilling. This is where a grill light can save the day (or the night). Take along with you a grill light that clamps to the side of the grill. It will provide additional illumination, and you’ll be able to monitor the doneness of your food more accurately during low-light conditions.

Grill Mats: Grill mats prevent smaller and delicate food items from falling through the grill grates. Additionally, they prevent drippings and marinades from coming in direct contact with the flames and thereby reduce the risk of flare-ups. Grill mats also make cleaning a breeze, since no food gets stuck to the grill itself. These mats are easier to wash than the grill grates.

Sausages cooking on a grill

Grill Brush: Before and after you cook your meal, you’ll need to clean the grill and a stiff wire grill brush will expedite the job. Residue from the previous grilling can cause flare-ups, impart unwanted tastes, compromise heat distribution, and increase the risk of harmful bacteria or contaminants. Including a grill brush in your toolkit will help you maintain a clean and efficient grilling set up.

Essentials for Grilling Safety

Some types of tools are essential for amplifying the pleasures of outdoor cooking and keeping you safe as you prepare scrumptious meals on the grill. Read on to find out more about the tools that are essential for grilling safety and convenience.

Long-handled tools

With long-handled tools, you can manipulate and flip food on the grill from a safe distance. This way, you won’t be risking accidental burns or injuries while you get your delicious meal ready. Especially when you’re dealing with open flames and hot coals, you can control and move the food precisely using these tools, without having to get close to any potential flare-ups. Here are some long-handled that might prove quite useful:

  • Grilling tongs: A grilling fork pierces the meat and allows you to turn the meat for even cooking. However, it also leads to the loss of flavorful juices. Opt for grilling tongs instead.

Person cooking food on a grill with fire

  • Spatula: An offset spatula is a grilling essential. You can use it to shape, lift, and flip food items. Flip your burgers or lift delicate fish with a spatula and you’re less likely to damage or break the food items. A spatula will also prove useful when you’re grilling large cuts of meat, and when you are transferring hot food from the grill to the serving plate.

Man teaching young boy to grill

  • Basting brush: Take your grilled meat up a notch by applying a fine-tasting sauce to it on the grill during the last few minutes. This seemingly small action will impart a fresh layer of flavor to the meat and prevent it from drying out during the final cooking stages. To safely apply the sauce to food on the grill, you need a basting brush with heat-resistant silicone bristles and a long handle.
  • Skewers: If you’re a kebabs kind of person, then you cannot go on an RV trip without adding long skewers to your kit. You can thread larger quantities of kebabs and other foods on long skewers, which will allow you to make efficient use of grill space. Moreover, since long skewers are easier to handle and turn, they ensure even cooking.

grilling food on skewers

Grilling gloves

Every RVer should have grilling gloves, and that means you need them too! With gloves, you can protect yourself from the intense heat of the grill and any potential splatters. The gloves can enhance your grip on grilling tools such as tongs and protect your hands from the heat transferred through the tools. That’s not all! Since the gloves are usually made from heat-resistant materials, you can use them for other campsite activities, such as handling hot lanterns or adjusting tent stakes. As you know, the more multi-functional a thing, the better it is for RV use.

Thermometer for Accurate Temperature Control

While the other tools on this list are for external and physical safety, this one has more to do with internal matters. You need thermometers to ensure that your food is cooked to the proper internal temperature and safe for consumption. You can reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and enjoy worry-free meals during your travels with this portable little tool. Without a thermometer, to ensure food safety, you could end up overcooking the food. Use a thermometer to avoid overcooking and destroying the taste and texture of the meal. You utilize time, energy, and some of the limited ingredients in your RV to prepare a meal; this one tool can ensure that your efforts won’t go in vain or end up making you sick.

Fire extinguisher

It’s always good to be prepared for fire hazards and emergencies. Carry a fire extinguisher, so that if there are any grease flare-ups on the grill or an accidental fire outbreak, you can control or extinguish the flames as soon as possible.

Additional Items to Carry

Use this as a checklist of additional items that can increase convenience and elevate your experience of grilling and serving food outdoors:

  • Aluminum foil - Handy for wrapping and cooking delicate food items on the grill
  • Paper towels or a small washable dishcloth - For wiping up spills and grease
  • Garbage can - To clean as you go
  • Portable grill table - To get some extra surface for food preparation
  • Silverware, plates, bowls and cups - Ideally collapsible containers for ease of storage when not in use; For serving
  • Bottle opener - To open and enjoy refreshing beverages
  • Salt and Pepper shakers - To allow the others in your group to adjust the taste of the grilled food according to their preferences

Wrapping Up

RVing and grilling go hand-in-hand, allowing you to celebrate an outdoor lifestyle, connect with nature, and make the most of picturesque locations. While RVing takes you to various places, grilling is a versatile cooking method easily adaptable to different settings. So if you’re about to embark on an RV trip, ensure that you’re carrying all the essential grilling gear. This is your chance to create memories around delicious grilled meals.

Mar 18th 2024

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