​Emergency Items Your RV Needs

​Emergency Items Your RV Needs

No one wants to think about potential risks or dangers that could happen on the road or within the confines of their rig. Unfortunately, things happen. Think about it this way: It's important to have everything from smoke detectors to repair tools in your house in case something happens. Why should your RV be any different?

Let's go over some of the essential safety items you should have on your rig at all times, so you can feel safer and more confident no matter where you are on the road. There's nothing worse than being ;stranded without a way to help yourself. These emergency items can prevent that from happening!

A Roadside Emergency Kit

If you don't have any other emergency item in your RV, make sure you have this one! You've probably seen the effects of a roadside emergency kit before if you've ever seen another rig or a large truck pulled over on the side of the road. That's the point – these kits are designed to draw attention to the fact that your rig has stopped and you can't move. They are designed to protect you and other drivers.

Every kit is a little bit different, but they are usually equipped with things like reflectors, jumper cables, a small air compressor, and a flashlight. You can always add to it if you feel you need specific tools or items.

A Tire Repair Kit

Getting a flat tire can feel just as deflating (no pun intended) in an RV as it does in a car. Thankfully, there are RV tire repair kits that can make a huge difference. If you don't have a spare tire on hand, a tire repair kit will contain a tire sealant. This sealant should be strong enough to repair small punctures and get you back on the road.

The best part? These kits don't just provide a 'temporary fix.' Once you use the sealant in your tire, it should be almost as good as new, and won't corrode away when you continue to drive.

A Tool Kit

If you don't have a basic tool kit somewhere within your RV, you could find yourself in a bind at some point. You don't need to be a handyman to reap the benefits of a tool kit. It's more likely that you'll come across simple repairs and fixes. But, if you don't have things like a screwdriver or socket wrench on hand, those simple repairs could turn into something bigger. Not having a tool kit could mean you have to take your RV into a repair shop. Even if it's something incredibly minor, that could end up getting expensive very quickly!

Being prepared for any minor emergency situation with your RV is important, and can give you more confidence when you're on the road. Most of these items come in kits that make them convenient to keep hidden away somewhere until they are needed. Keep these items on your rig,and you'll be prepared for almost anything.

Feb 26th 2018

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