Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations for Your Next Road Trip

Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations for Your Next Road Trip

Travels And Road Trips With Your Dog

This year, National Dog Day is Friday, August 26th. It may seem like there is a National Day celebrating almost everything, but I think we can all agree that dogs really are deserving of a national holiday celebrating their existence. If you want to celebrate your canine companion, what better way than planning a trip for you and your dog?

RV owners have a higher rate of pet ownership than the average population. Around 68% of RVers travel with pets, while the average number of U.S. pet-owning households sits at about 57%. RVs provide an excellent traveling option for those with pets compared to air or train travel. For tips on traveling safely with a pet in your RV, check out our previous post,  Tips for Keeping Your Pet Healthy, Happy, and Safe when Traveling in an RV.

This article will discuss some of the most dog-friendly places in the U.S. for your upcoming RV travels with your pup. Take a trip, or plan an upcoming one for you and your pooch to celebrate National Dog Day!

Colorado Springs, CO

Located at the Eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains, this historic city has plenty of recreational opportunities to keep you and your pup entertained and active. For RV accommodations, check out the  Garden of the Gods RV Resort, which features a fenced-in “Bark Park” for your dog to play off-leash and burn some energy.

There are various dog-friendly restaurants in the Colorado Springs area, some even offering specialty menu items and fenced play areas. Pub Dog Colorado is a unique restaurant located in Colorado Springs that actually allows your pups to dine inside with you and has a large fenced-in play area. In order to offer such a dining experience, certain rules protect the health and safety of patrons, pups, and employees, such as a membership fee and counter-service only. You can find more information on their  website.

Dog On Obstacle Course

Asheville, NC

This Blue Ridge Mountain town is the perfect playground for an active pup and owner. There are miles of dog-friendly trails for you to explore and take in the magnificent views while still being near a lively downtown area. Multiple restaurants in Asheville offer specialty menu items for your pooch so you can go on a proper “Doggy Date.”

About 30 minutes from Asheville, North Carolina is  4 Paws Kingdom in Rutherfordton. 4 Paws is the first and only campground dedicated to dogs and their owners. There are multiple off-leash parks, an agility course, a swimming pond, and a grooming station for your dog to enjoy. Unfortunately, this campground is limited to canines of all ages and humans aged 18 years or older, so this option isn’t available for families traveling with children.

Foxborough, MA

Located between Boston and Cape Cod, Foxborough, Massachusetts, has made our list because of the luxurious camping resort that is located here.  Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort has been recognized numerous times as a premier RV resort destination, and the best part is they are dog-friendly. Freedom Tails Park is the on-site dog park, complete with an agility course and doggy-wash station. If you decide to adventure for an afternoon without your pup, they offer day kennel rentals, so your dog doesn’t have to hang out unattended in your camper.

Happy Dog At Restaurant

Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon, is said to have the most dog parks per capita in the world. There are 39 designated off-leash dog parks for you and your dog to explore during your time in Portland; you may have to extend your stay if you wish to visit them all! If you and your pooch need a sustenance break during your tour of Bark Parks, the  Tin Shed Garden Cafe offers menu options for both you and Fido. Enjoy an order of eggs Benedict while your pup wastes no time scarfing down the Fido Food plate consisting of free-range chicken thigh and sweet potato.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is a welcoming West Coast city well-known for the Golden Gate Bridge and steep city streets. Your pup is welcomed in San Francisco as well! There are miles of trails to hike with your pooch and dog-friendly restaurants to grab a bite to eat and be served a cold bowl of water after. Even some of their popular tourist attractions are dog-friendly, such as a few Bay Cruises and private architecture tours.

Bend, OR

Bend, Oregon, is located on the Deschutes River and is surrounded by pine forest on one side and high desert terrain on the other, highlighting a unique transitional landscape and climate. The  Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort is a highly rated campground that offers a peaceful home base during your adventures in Bend. There is an on-site dog park and pet-friendly walking trails for your time spent at the campground. If you explore downtown Bend, there are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants to choose from.

Austin, TX

Austin is a must-visit destination for fans of live music, eclectic culture, and outdoor recreation. Dogs will love it here, too, as there are plenty of pet-friendly parks and activities to let out all that puppy energy. Speaking of puppy energy, there is even a  yoga studio that offers private sessions for you and your dog to promote bonding and increased wellness.

Music lovers will enjoy the multitude of venues and concert spaces, some of which are outdoors and pet-friendly.  The Dog House Drinkery & Dog Park is a gathering space for dog and beer lovers alike.

Kansas City, MO

Jazz music and barbeque are the pride and joy of Kansas City, Missouri, but these aren’t the reasons this midwestern city made our list. Kansas City is home to  Bar K; a multifaceted space that functions as a dog park, restaurant, bar, and community event space all in one! Catch the big game and have your pup with you for fetch breaks between quarters.

Dalmatian Playing On The Beach

St. Petersburg, FL

A trip to St. Petersburg, Florida, is a perfect way to pamper your pup. This waterfront town has miles of beaches and rarely has a day without sunshine, hence the nickname “Sunshine City.” Your pooch will feel included at a number of dog-friendly restaurants and bars in the area, such as  The Dog BarPinellas Ale Works (PAW), and Cassis American Brasserie, to name a few. 

Show your pet some love! Always practice responsible pet ownership by leashing your dog in new places, cleaning up after your pup, and calling ahead to verify plans involving your pet. In case of health emergencies, look up local vet care ahead of time.

Where is your favorite place to travel with your pup in your RV? Have you ever dined with your dog? Let us know in the comments!

Aug 25th 2022 Molly Muhs

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