DIY Fire Starters to Keep Warm This Fall

DIY Fire Starters to Keep Warm This Fall

Autumn camping will be in full swing soon. That means plenty of time for ghost stories and toasted marshmallows around a roaring fire. If you really want to up your game this year when it comes to starting fires safely and looking pretty awesome while doing it, try one of these DIY fire starter hacks!

Leftover Laundry Lint Pods

Put that annoying laundry lint to good use. We can't promise it'll make your fire smell like clean towels, but it will help to create a beautiful fire in a matter of minutes. To create your own lint fire starters, you'll need:

  • Leftover laundry lint
  • Paper egg carton
  • Wax

Put this simple DIY solution together by melting down wax (old candles you're ready to get rid of are great). Put the melted wax into a paper egg carton containers (not plastic or Styrofoam!) and place a small ball of lint into it before it sets up.

From there, let the wax harden, and then cut up the egg carton into little 'pods.' Light the corner of a pod to set it ablaze within your sticks and kindling, and your fire will be roaring in no time.

Fiery Snowballs

It might not seem like it makes sense, but these snowball-looking fire starters are compact, easy to use, and even easier to make. The supplies you'll need include:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Cotton balls
  • Vaseline/Petroleum jelly

To assemble, soak the cotton balls individually in the alcohol. Squeeze out any excess liquid, and roll them in the petroleum jelly. Try to coat them as much as possible. Keep them in a tin or plastic container until you're ready to use! This makes it very easy to travel with your DIY fire starters.

Once you're ready to light a fire, place the cotton ball (or two) into the fire pit and drop a match on top of it. Be sure not to handle them directly, or wash your hands before lighting a match. They are potent, and can cause a fire to flare up quickly!

Waxed Cardboard

Perhaps the easiest hack on this list is waxed cardboard. Almost everyone has cardboard laying around. Instead of throwing it away, do a bit of recycling and put it to good use as a fire starter! All you need to do is dip strips or square pieces of cardboard into melted wax, and let harden. They are easy to carry with you, compact, and just a few will turn a fire from weak to blazing in a matter of minutes.

The Benefits of DIY Fire Starters

As you can see, one of the biggest benefits of making your own fire starters (aside from the fact that it looks cool!) is that they are all extremely portable. Whether you're doing a bit of RV camping or you're hitting the trail on a hiking adventure, no one wants to be weighed down. Plus, most of these starters are made from materials you probably already have sitting around your house.

Get ready for cooler camping weather by putting these fire starters to the test, and preparing a few ahead of time for your next trek into the wilderness.

Dec 28th 2017

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