Are You Addicted to Camping?

Are You Addicted to Camping?

Camping Fever? 5 Signs You’re Totally Obsessed with Camping

Now that summer is in full swing, so are camping enthusiasts! Maybe you’re new to spending extra time in the great outdoors. Or, maybe you’re an old camping pro who’s been at it for years. In any case, there are some telltale signs that you may be addicted to camping - and we’re not saying that’s a bad thing!

Keep these fun signs in mind the next time your friends or family give you a hard time about your camping obsession. We’re sure you’ll get a good laugh out of some of these, especially if they sound a bit familiar!

1. You Have a ‘Camping Clothes’ Section in Your Closet

If you have a specific spot in your dresser or closet strictly for camping clothes and gear, you might have a camping addiction. It might be even worse if that small space or drawer starts to take over the rest of your wardrobe!

2. Man (or Woman) Meets Fire!

Even when you’re at home, do you find yourself wanting to cook over an open flame? Whether it’s roasting something over a bonfire in the backyard or firing up the grill, we know the hardcore campers love to cook over a roaring fire as often as possible.

3. Your Garage Doubles as a Sporting Goods Store

When was the last time you were able to park your car in the garage or find the lawn mower in the shed? If your storage spaces have turned into storage strictly for camping gear, you might just be a little obsessed. Good luck with that lawn mower thing!

4. You Have Multiple Sleeping Bags

It might not be so far-fetched to have a couple sleeping bags, even if you’re not a frequent camper. But, if you have multiple bags dedicated to certain temperatures and comfort levels (or even colors?), you could be getting into ‘camping addicted’ territory.

5. Date Night = Camping

Does your idea of a romantic weekend getaway might include spending most of your time in a tent or around a campfire? If your significant other asks to go on a date and your first suggestion is to go camping, you might get an eye roll in response. Of course, you could always find someone just as addicted to the camping lifestyle as you! You might even be the perfect couple to become full-time RVers. Bonus points if you went camping on your honeymoon - that’s true love!

Camping Addiction 101

Of course, there’s one more sign you might be a little too attached to camping: If more than one of these suggestions applies to you, you might be addicted! We don’t mind the camping addicts of the world. In fact, we think being a little camping-obsessed is healthy!

We hope you enjoyed some of these playful signs of camping addiction. Can you think of any more that might suggest you’re totally obsessed? We’d love to hear them! Until then, enjoy the ride and keep up the healthy obsession.

Jul 16th 2018 Stacey Blaske

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