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Answering Questions About RV Awnings

Answering Questions About RV Awnings

RV camping in the summer is a blast, but do you ever find yourself getting beat down by the heat? Do you love to sit outside and take in all that Mother Nature offers but are prevented by rain and snow? These are common problems that campers everywhere face every day. Luckily, a great solution is adding an awning to your RV! In this article, we’ll be answering several common questions people have about RV awnings. Hopefully, it will help you prepare for your next outdoor adventure!

Why Do I Need An Awning On My RV?

Awnings are a great addition to any RV. The shade they provide can protect you from the sun and cool you in the summer heat. Popping out your RV awning creates a new relaxation area outside your rig. You can set out some furniture and enjoy all the benefits of a front porch or a patio next to your RV!


Summer is the perfect time for RV camping. Few things are better than taking your rig to your favorite place and having fun in the sun. But as much as we love the sunshine, we all need a break from it sometimes. Awnings are an excellent source of shade for any camper looking to cool off. Going inside your vehicle for shade during the hottest summer days can sometimes feel stuffy and hot, so having an outside source of shade on your rig is invaluable.


Awnings are also great at protecting you from the elements. Harsh sun rays and rain don’t have to stop you from enjoying the day outside. Just sit under your RV awning and safely enjoy the fresh air! Believe it or not, awnings can also protect your RV’s interior. Over time, the sunlight coming through your RV windows can cause the color in your flooring and furniture to fade. Awnings reduce the amount of sunlight coming into your RV and can help the vibrancy of your interior last much longer.


Having an awning attached to your RV can be like having your own portable patio! We highly recommend bringing easily packable patio furniture to place under your awning for you to enjoy. Setting up a small table and some chairs creates a great outdoor dining area for mealtimes. It can also create a fun spot to play some games in the shade. If you prefer some privacy from your fellow campers, there are also different attachments available that can help you with that. As you can see, awnings are an incredibly versatile tool that can make your camping experience even more enjoyable.

What Options Are Available?

Whether you are looking to add a new awning to your rig or replace your old one, there are several excellent options for you that will suit your style and budget. Here at RecPro, we provide both manual and electric awning assemblies and several different replacement components in various sizes and colors.

Manual Awning

A manual awning is manually operated by hand, but they are effortless to use. Not only that, but our manual awning frame assembly is also easy to install. If you purchase one of our assembly kits, you will find all the hardware you’ll need to install your awning. The included manual will guide you through the installation in no time. It’s incredibly thorough, complete with instructions and visuals for maintenance, installation, and usage. However, it is essential to note that you will need several tools on hand when you begin the installation process. The awning frame assembly requires a drill or a screwdriver, but this is all explained in the manual.

Our manual awning frame assembly is also incredibly durable. Durability is an essential factor in any RV awning. They are installed on the outside of the vehicle, so they will need to stand up to various weather conditions over years and years if they are to last a long time. The strong aluminum metal that the frame arms are made of gives them immense strength to support the awning. This strong material is also the source of the frame’s notable durability, allowing you to enjoy your awning for years to come.

Finally, our awnings assemblies also include our beautiful awning fabric. This fabric is expertly crafted with unique materials to protect you from the elements while you rest under your awning. Like the frame itself, this fabric is incredibly durable so that it can protect you for a long, long time. The fabric was designed 1000D PVC Tarpaulin, a material respected for its incredible strength and damage-resistant properties. This fabric’s strength not only protects it from physical surface-level damage, but it is also resistant to UV light, mildew, water, mold, and more. It’s also incredibly flame-retardant!

Electric Awning

Our electric awnings are made from the same materials as the manual models. The difference is that these are opened by an electric-powered control switch instead of manually by hand. This switch makes the setup even more accessible and faster! The choice between manual and electric largely depends on your preferences and budget.

Awning Replacement Parts

We also sell many high-quality replacement parts should you ever need them. With our selection of RV awning parts, we’re confident that you will be able to find the gear you need to get your awning back to being in tip-top shape in no time.

How Do I Install My New Awning?

The manuals that come with our awning assemblies are incredibly detailed and easy to follow, but if you find yourself needing some help, we’ve got you covered! Just watch this video, and you’ll be back on track and getting your awning installed quickly and painlessly!

What Maintenance Is Required?

Some parts of the awning will last longer than others. As a rule, you can plan on the fabric part of your RV awning to last between 5 and 15 years, but this number can change based on a few factors. The main factors that cause wear and tear on awning fabric are exposure to the elements and a lack of cleaning. The more your awning gets rained on, snowed on, etc., the quicker it will break down. You also want to be careful how you store the awning when not in use. If it’s just been exposed to a lot of rain and you fold it up without giving it time to dry, you can trap moisture and dirt, and other particles and mildew can start to form. It’s essential to make sure your awning has been adequately cleaned and dried before storage, increasing its longevity.

Have More Questions? Let Us Know!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into RV awnings. Have a question that we didn’t cover here? Feel free to post your questions in the comments below!

May 5th 2022 Nathan Hawley

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