Addressing the Dining Dilemma: Booth or Freestanding Table and Chairs?

Addressing the Dining Dilemma: Booth or Freestanding Table and Chairs?

Making an RV fit an owner’s needs is one of the aspects of this lifestyle that has the most appeal. Even though RVs are chosen based on make, model, size and class, other features that are must haves, many owners overlook interior layout and go with what is offered, such as  a booth that converts into sleeping space. But it doesn’t have to be this way, unless this interior design feature is exactly what you are looking for in your RV.

The debate over which is better – a booth and table or a table and chairs may not be as heated as those delivered by presidential candidates, but it is an ongoing discussion with no clear winner. Some people swapped out a booth for a table and chairs and never looked back. Others would not even think of changing the booth for anything else. So how do you decide what’s best for you?

Dinette Bed Conversion

If you need sleeping space for your family, giving up the booth may not be an option. The design of an RV allows for maximum use of available space. While converting the bed and table into sleeping space every time its needed may be inconvenient, it does provide a place for your family and friends to sleep and rest up for another day of adventure.

The pros of the typical booth-table conversion are that it contains added storage under the booths and storage is a must-have when RVing. Booths can be more comfortable than chairs, and it is a second place to lounge when watching television, reading or needing to stretch out without going to sleep. Plus, a booth has the esthetic of being cozy. Think American style diners, for example.

The cons of having a booth-table conversion are that people may have to move to let you out if you need to leave the table. Some booths are not designed ergonomically, meaning they seat backs are not high enough to properly support the back. For those with fuller bodies, booths may feel cramped.

Those who opt for a dining table and chairs also have a list of reasons why this choice was better for them. This dining option allows more flexibility in seating and in moving furniture around if needed. For example, the table can be moved to the lounge area for game playing. The chairs are sometimes more comfortable and additional folding chairs can be stored out of the way and used to accommodate more guests. The chairs can easily be reupholstered with changing décor.

Freestanding Table

A dinette and chairs also give you more design options. You could pick a simple table and chair setup, or you can go for a high-top table and chairs.

On the con side, dining tables designed for RVs can run on the small side. The chairs also need to be secured when the RV is moving. The loss of storage is another drawback to the dinette arrangement, as is the loss of extra bed space for guests.

While this choice is a matter of preference, it can be easily decided by looking at your dining preferences when eating in a restaurant. When the host asks whether you want a booth or a table, which do you choose? Realizing what your preference is can help make the dining arrangement inside your RV much easier.

Many of the cons listed for either a booth or a dinette and chairs can be solved by thinking outside the conventional. For example, consider a half booth. Keep the comfy booth seating and storage on one side of the dining area and swap out the second booth for a pair of chairs. Or make the second side of the booth a bookcase or piece of furniture to store essentials, especially helpful if you work online as you RV.

If storage is the deciding factor, chairs are available that have built-in storage under the seats. While not designed for large items, this is an easy solution to keep extra place settings, paperwork, batteries and other small items that you need to have.

There are many creative solutions that allow RV owners to make changes that suits their lifestyle. So which personality fits your RV dining – a booth or a freestanding table and chairs?

RV dinette booth with table pros and cons RV dining table with chairs pros and cons

Sep 22nd 2020 Lois Tomaszewski

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