A New Look at National Parks

A New Look at National Parks

If you love to travel around the country, you have probably visited a few national parks a time or two. Although many travelers know of the most 'famous' national parks, they may not know of some beautiful hidden gems around the country. While the experiences and sights of national parks never get old, it's always exciting to visit someplace new within your travels. Preparing for your next big road trip is always an exciting time especially when you find new places to visit. So take a step out of your comfort zone and unleash adventure next time you park your RV.

National parks can be fun for the whole family and educational too. Creating fun activities to do at these parks are always exciting and the ideas are limitless! Create a family vacation that you will remember forever.

Cabrillo National Monument – California

Have you ever heard of tide pooling? If not, this is a great place to start. Tide pooling is an activity you can do during low tide. It allows you to actually walk out where the water comes in during high tide, and take a glimpse into the hidden underwater world beneath. Your kids will love being able to see what kind of aquatic life lives just below the edge of the water, and it can be incredibly educational at the same time.

White Sands National Monument - New Mexico

At White Sands, you can sand board and even sled in the sand, how fun! It can be a bit surreal to go sledding in the hot sand, when you feel like you should be in some kind of winter wonderland, but that makes the experience even more exciting and unique. Plus, with the beautiful backdrops surrounding you, you’re bound to get some unforgettable photo opportunities. When will you have the opportunity to go sledding in a t-shirt again? If you’re looking for a bit of fun at beautiful White Sands, this is the way to go.

Any National Park - United States

If you’re a frequent visitor to National Parks, you’ve probably heard of the ‘Junior Ranger’ program. But, did you know that anyone, at any age, can become a junior ranger? If you want to learn more about our nation’s parks, or want to become junior rangers together as a family, you can all sign up to do so. Taking part in this program in as many parks as you can will end up making you an expert on the country’s most famous sights and natural landmarks. After all, you’re never too old to learn something new.

The Hidden Experiences of National Parks

We hope this article has given you a checklist of experiences to take part in the next time you visit your favorite National Park(s). While the natural beauty and wonder of these parks will always be the top reason to visit, taking full advantage of your time in the parks can truly make the experience one to remember for a lifetime. Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path, and see what hidden treasures are waiting for you at these famous locations.

Dec 27th 2017

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