5 Fun and Festive Ways to Decorate Your RV for the Holidays

5 Fun and Festive Ways to Decorate Your RV for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re a year-long RVer, it’s a perfect opportunity to add a little cheer to your rig.

There are no rules about needing a “permanent home” to decorate! If you’re constantly on the go, you can still get festive, and let your creativity shine.

So, if you’re in the holiday spirit but are having trouble thinking of ways to make your RV look “merry and bright”, we’ve got you covered with five quick and easy decorating ideas.

1. A Quintessential Christmas Tree

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your rig is with a good, old-fashioned Christmas tree. Nowadays, you can get trees in just about every size. Some artificial trees can even be placed on a tabletop or counter!

Trees use very little electricity and they instantly add a festive feel to your environment. If you only go with one piece of holiday decor, make it a tree!

2. Festive Bedding

If your RV doesn’t have a lot of extra space for decorations, try switching out things you already use for festive counterparts. For example, switching your sheets, blankets, and throw pillows for holiday-themed ones won’t take up any extra space, but it will make you feel warm and cozy whenever you head to bed!

3. Go Natural

When you’re driving around the country in an RV or heading to different campsites, you have the unique benefit of using natural pieces of decor. Make a wreath or stars out of sticks and twigs, use evergreen branches for homemade garland, and pinecones for little accents.

By bringing nature inside, you can avoid buying too many plastic decorations each year, and you can return the items to nature when you’re done, virtually eliminating your holiday decor waste.

4. It’s Okay to Be a Little Cheesy

If you’re planning on spending most of your winter in an RV park or campground, you might want to consider “decking the halls” the easy and cheesy way. Decorating with outdoor lights can be fun, but time-consuming. It also uses a lot of electricity.

Instead, if you’re staying in one place, consider using a device like a star shower to light up your rig. You simply have to plug it in, set it in front of your RV, and let the beautiful dancing images bring your home on wheels to life with festive fun.

5. Find Your Theme

When you’re doing a lot of traveling, it can be fun to decorate your RV in different “themes” each year, depending on where you are. Spending the holidays in Florida? Go for a Christmas beach theme. Stopping in Northern Michigan? Decorate with lots of buffalo plaid. Using different themes each year will keep things interesting and give you something to look forward to each season.

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, don’t pass up an excuse to get festive with your RV. Keep these ideas in mind as the season approaches, and make sure you have fun bringing your decorative vision to life.

Nov 16th 2021 Stacey Koziel

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