4 Reasons to Go Camping in the Fall

4 Reasons to Go Camping in the Fall

Fall is finally upon us! If you’re a fan of the cooler weather and beautiful scenery, there is really no better time to go camping. You can make a long road trip out of it to see some of the incredible fall colors across the country. Or, simply hit up your favorite campground for some chilly family fun.

Most people think of summer camping trips, which are always great. But, as far as we’re concerned, it just doesn’t get better than camping in the autumn. If you’re not already a fan of fall, we’ve got four reasons you should reconsider, pack up the RV, and spend a night in the great outdoors this season.

1. More Availability

Campgrounds can be extremely crowded in the summer months, especially when kids are out of school. In the fall, they are often less crowded, so you can enjoy more space and park your rig wherever you want.

Plus, you may not have gotten to your favorite space as often as you would’ve liked this summer due to COVID-19. Camping this fall is a great way to get back into your favorite hobby while maintaining social distancing practices.

2. It’s More Comfortable

In many parts of the country, this is the time of year where the temperatures are ‘just right’. You may have to pack a few extra layers and a heavier sleeping bag, but you’re not going to get too cold, and you won’t risk overheating while you’re on your morning hike. Overall, from staying active to sleeping, the temperatures are much more comfortable, which can make a more enjoyable experience.

Fall also has great camping food options. If you do get cold, what sounds better than a bowl of warm chili that was cooked over a campfire? Sounds like a win-win to us!

3. Fewer Insects

When you have a summer campsite, it’s easy to feel like you’re constantly battling bugs. They get in your food, zoom around your head, and can even creep into your RV and keep you awake at night.

While some bugs do stick around until the first frost hits, there are far fewer insects zooming around in the fall. If you’re not a fan of those pesky bugs and you want to avoid them as much as possible, fall camping is the way to go.

4. It’s Beautiful

You can’t ignore the natural beauty the fall season has to offer. As suggested above, why not take a trip to a location with beautiful color views? The leaves only stay vibrant for a short time, so plan your trip accordingly to get the most out of your road trip. There is nothing like hiking through a wooded area that is absolutely surrounded by hues of red, yellow, and orange.

So, if you missed out on camping this summer and you’re itching to get back to it, you definitely don’t have to wait another year in order to have an incredible camping experience. Pack up your camper this fall, and enjoy the beauty, comfort, and relaxation the season has to offer.

Sep 14th 2020 Stacey Koziel

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