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3 Kayaks That Will Fit in Your Trunk

3 Kayaks That Will Fit in Your Trunk

Kayaks are an increasingly popular option for those looking to get on the water. They’re simple, light, and small enough to explore just about anywhere. But what if you don’t have an area to store one, or a truck to haul it to the water? Fortunately, a few companies have developed some clever designs that have you covered.

#1. The Beach by Oru Kayaks

Would you believe that this is a kayak?In just a few minutes, this 26lb. Suitcase unfolds into a 12’ kayak. This is made possible by a an origami inspired folding design that uses a sheet of corrugated plastic with a series of pleats and straps. Amazingly, the kayak has very few pieces: The body of the canoe,which becomes the case when folded, a floorboard that doubles as the lid, and a few other simple pieces such as a bulkhead and seam channels.Oru has been building these amazing kayaks for only a few years now, after an enormously successful kickstarter campign in 2012. Along with the 12’ Bay model, Oru offers four other models ranging from 12' up to the 16’ Coast+, which weighs in at just 34 pounds. Check them out at

#2. The StraitEdge by Advanced Elements

With its low weight and inflatable compartments, one may be tempted to compare this to a cheap blow up pool toy, but this kayak is far from it. The StraitEdge is built to last, and is rated for use in up to class III whitewater as well as coastal and open water conditions. The inflatable portions are made of heavy-duty PVC material which offer puncture resistance, and self-bailing ports are built into the hull for use in rough water.

In addition to their line of kayaks, Advanced Elements also offers inflatable stand-up paddle boards and a wide array of accessories, all of which can be found at

#3. Citibot by Folbot

Folbot has created a line of kayaks that utilize a series of folding aluminum poles that are assembled and wrapped in a canvas skin; a design reminiscent of the original skin-on-frame kayaks. Their smallest model, the Citibot, is a 10’ kayak that, when disassembled, will fit into a backpack that is small and light enough to hang in a closet.Anyone familiar with setting up a folding tent should feel right at home assembling the citibot. The whole process takes about half an hour, with some able to do it in as little as ten minutes.

Folbots are distinct from other highly portable kayaks in that it looks almost exactly like a standard composite kayak. No compromises are made in performance either, with the relatively small Citibot capable of carrying 210 lbs.

The Citibot, as well as the rest of the Fulbot lineup, can been seen at

Jan 12th 2018

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