Nighttime Camping Activities Your Whole Family Will Love

Nighttime Camping Activities Your Whole Family Will Love

After a long day of hiking, fishing, playing around the campsite, and enjoying everything nature has to offer, the traditional thing to do is build a fire, roast some marshmallows, and share a few stories. There’s something to be said for that tradition – it’s stood the test of time for a reason!

But, if you’re looking to switch things up for a few nights, it’s a good idea to have some alternative options in mind that your family can take part in around the campfire.

Nighttime can actually be a lot of fun at the campsite if you’re willing to get creative. If you’re not sure where to get started, we’ve got a few evening activities everyone can enjoy. Keep them in mind when the sun goes down, and you can really make the most of those long summer days that stretch into warm nights.

Go On a Night Hike

If you’re an avid hiker and your kids are old enough to be safe on the trails, going for a night hike can be a lot of fun. Make sure everyone has their own flashlight or headlamp so you can keep things as illuminated as possible. And, only go on trails you’re already familiar with.

Don’t stray too far away from your campsite. It’s not meant to be a “traditional” hike. But, walking around for 10-15 minutes outside your tent can feel like an adventure. Listen for different nocturnal animals, and take in how different the campground feels at night.

Stare at the Stars

It’s hard to find clearer, starrier skies than when you’re at a campground. If you live in a city, light pollution often keeps stargazers from looking up and enjoying the view. When you’re camping, that’s a different story.

So, spend as many nights as possible staring up at the stars. You can use different smartphone apps to identify constellations and the names of stars if you’re curious. But, sometimes just laying on a blanket and looking up at the vast canvas of lights is all you need to feel completely at ease.

Put On a Show

Sharing “scary” stories around the campfire is a tradition most campers recognize. But, if you have little ones who scare easily or you want to try something different, host a “family talent show” during one night of your trip.

Maybe one family member is an avid musician who can play guitar. Another might tell jokes, or put on a skit or short play. You can even get other families and friends involved around the campsite and host a bigger show, designated a few people as judges along the way.

Putting on a talent show is a great way to break up storytelling around the fire, and everyone will love showing off what they can do.

There are so many more ideas when it comes to things you can do around the campsite at night. The most important thing to keep in mind is to get creative. Be flexible and adaptable, and think about the things your family would really enjoy. When you do, you’re bound to come up with unique ideas for every night of your next camping trip. 

Jul 19th 2021 Stacey Koziel

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