There’s More to S’mores (Creative campfire s’more recipes)

There’s More to S’mores (Creative campfire s’more recipes)

Taking something old and making it new is by no means an original idea. It’s quite popular to repurpose items these days. People are turning old skids into bookshelves, old bookshelves into she-sheds, and old toilets into new flower pots (yes, that’s a thing.) While some of the DIY ideas seem silly, and others highly imaginative, the point is that taking something old and reinventing it is a fun way to flex your creative muscles. One area you might not have focused on for “reinventing the wheel” is your cooking capabilities by the campfire. Specifically, s’mores.

Few things are as traditional and family intuitive as cooking by the campfire. Roasting marshmallows with family and friends near you brings back memories as warm as the campfire you were around. What if next time you gathered with your circle of friends you brought a new basket of s’more ideas to the table? Here are a few that will make you a hit at the next party:

1. The ‘Cup O’ S’more’ – A simple twist on the traditional s’more is made by switching out a key ingredient. Instead of a chocolate bar, place your favorite brand of peanut butter cup* on the graham cracker (one on each cracker if you’re feeling feisty) and place the hot marshmallow in-between for a knock-out peanut butter treat.

*could include products with peanuts

2. The ‘Sergeant’ – What happens when you add stripes to a soldier? They increase in rank, of course! What happens when you add stripes to your s’more? Specifically fudge stripe cookies? They increase in deliciousness! Replace your grahams with fudge stripe cookies to add a whole new level of taste and texture elements to your campfire snack.

3. The ‘S’minnamon Roll’ – Better than waking up to cinnamon rolls baking in your house on a Saturday morning is the new twist on the s’more that will delight you and your friends. Use two cinnamon graham crackers in place of your standard grahams. Spread cream cheese liberally on both graham crackers and place your toasted marshmallow in the middle! If you want to sweeten the deal put the obligatory chocolate piece in the mix.

4. The ‘Elvis’ – In an effort to pay homage to ‘The King’, and simultaneously tantalize your taste buds, you can construct the ultimate in s’more snack stacking. Spread peanut butter* on your grahams, add thin slices of banana to the peanut butter and then put your chocolate and toasted marshmallow in the middle. You’ll experience a hunk’a hunk’a burnin’ yumminess.

*could include products with peanuts

5. The ‘Aunt Hazel’ – The fever around that sweet Nutella spread is well-earned. People can’t get enough of that chocolate and hazelnut spread. Take that delicious spread and add it to your s’more! Apply to both graham crackers and put that toasted marshmallow inside for a taste you’ll go hazel-nuts over.

6. The ‘Bite O’ Gold’ – The ultimate in s’more creativity, this new version of the campfire confection is a simple switch that will take you to s’more heaven. Replace your standard chocolate bar with caramel-filled chocolate bars. Add toasted marshmallow and you can thank us later! 

Jun 4th 2018 SD Shank

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