A New Look at National Parks - Part 1

A New Look at National Parks - Part 1

If you’ve done any traveling across the country, you’ve probably stopped by a few National Parks. Even the most ‘famous’ parks in our country tend to get the same reputations, over and over again. While the sights and experiences never get old, and never seem to get outdated, it’s always exciting to discover something unique and new to try at some of the most famous spots in the land. In this two-part blog, we’ll focus on a few interesting activities you can take part in when you visit some of the country’s best National Parks. Take a step out of your comfort zone, and do more than just ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the sights, next time you park the rig.

Great Sand Dunes National Park - Colorado

Colorado is well-known for skiing and snowboarding, thanks to its beautiful snow-capped mountains and resorts. But, when you visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park, snowboarding probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your head. So, what about sandboarding? Whether you’re an avid boarder, or just want to give something new and unique a try, you can actually rent boards outside the park, and slide down the large dunes just like you’re shredding snow in the winter.

It definitely makes the hike up the sandy dunes that much more exciting, and gives you a glimpse into feeling like a kid again.

Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming

As one of the most famous and well-recognized parks in our country, you may think you’ve heard of everything there is to do at Yellowstone. But, what if you could do something that wasn’t marked out on any map? No, that doesn’t mean breaking rules and seeking out some kind of hidden treasure. But, you do have to know what you’re looking for.

In this case, it’s the Boiling River. In more recent years, it’s actually become quite popular in the park, but you can still give it a try by taking a dip into the natural hot spring where the river connects. It’s a hot tub completely designed by nature, and it’s truly an unforgettable experience. If you want to know more about the Boiling River, and the rules you need to follow to experience it, be sure to talk with an official at Yellowstone ahead of time. After a long hike, it’s a great way to unwind.

Glacier National Park - Montana

Simply looking at Lake McDonald is enough to take your breath away. But, Glacier National Park is about so much more than the stunning views. Why not be a part of it all by paddleboarding on the lake? If you’ve never done it before, it’s actually very easy to do, it’s relaxing, and you get to experience the lake from an entirely different point of view. If you’ve ever wanted to take a closer look at the lake, this is your opportunity.

As you can see, there are plenty of ‘hidden treasures’ in the lesser-known activities of our National Parks, and there are plenty more to consider. We’ll share more of those with you in an upcoming blog, so be on the lookout when you’re planning your next adventure across the country.

Look for Part Two of This Article Soon!

Jan 12th 2018

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