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WackO RV A/C Silencer DA100 Fits Dometic and GE Made in USA

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  • White RV A/C silencer that fits Coleman-Mach air conditioners.
  • White RV A/C silencer front view.
  • A/C silencer measurements.
  • Silences noise from your RV AC. Built in Cut outs for optimal air flow. White finish to match RV interior.
  • The product is made in the usa.
  • Close up on the cut outs on the white air conditioner silencer.
  • White RV A/C silencer side profile.
  • White RV A/C silencer back view.
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RV air conditioner silencer.Are you finding it hard to sleep at night because your RV air conditioner is just a little too loud? Do you have to turn the volume on your TV way up to hear what is happening? Do you wish there was a way to shut your AC up without needing to turn it off? Welcome to RecPro, where we have the perfect solution for you! Check out the WackO DA100 Air Conditioner Silencer and how it can bring peace and quiet back to your RVing life.

The RV A/C Silencer

 If your RV air conditioner is loud and giving you a headache, do not despair. There is an easy way to bring peace and quiet back to your life, thanks to the WackO DA100 AC Silencer. This handy little addition to your cool air RV appliance is designed to reduce the noise generated by your RV air conditioner. This particular model of the WackO AC Silencer is compatible with Dometic and GE brand ducted air conditioners and RV Airflow Systems. It is easy to install on your RV AC unit and comes with all the screws and hardware you need. However, it does NOT include installation tools, such as a screwdriver. Even better, this RV AC silencer is made right here in the USA. A handy installation manual, installation hardware, the mounting base, the white cover, and an electrostatic air filter are included. This product weighs 2.39lbs and measures 17” x 17” x 2.25”. You can clean the outer casing of this air conditioner silencer using a damp cloth or a gentle cleaner.

A/C silencer measurements.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned earlier, the WackO DA100 AC Silencer is an aftermarket RV accessory designed to help your RV AC unit operate at a lower noise level. It does this by changing the air intake path of your RV air conditioner, combined with the use of quality sound absorption material. This sound dampening material is located on the cover, near the compressor outlet. This material offers superior thermal and acoustic performance thanks to the recycled cotton of the duct liner. Together, these two qualities are able to drastically reduce the level of noise produced by your AC unit. Most people experience a noise reduction ranging from 8 decibels to 10 decibels, where a 10-decibel reduction results in a 50% reduction in overall noise.

RV AC silencer side view.

Cleans The Air

The benefit of having a WackO DA100 AC Silencer installed on your RV air conditioning unit does not end with only a reduction in noise. This RV accessory even helps keep the air inside your RV cleaner! It comes with an electrostatic air filter. The electrostatic properties of this handy air filter help eliminate particles in the air such as dust, pollen, mold, and other irritating allergens. The nonporous 4-layer weave design allows air to flow easily and efficiently while still being filtered and cleaned. This air filter is resistant to mildew and does not degrade over time. It can even be cleaned effortlessly, allowing for repeated use. You can clean this air filter using a vacuum cleaner or by removing the filter and gently washing it.

Silences noise from your RV AC. Built in Cut outs for optimal air flow. White finish to match RV interior.

Embrace The Quiet

Being comfortable and relaxed is important when traveling or living in an RV. Make sure that a loud air conditioning unit does not impede your comfort and relaxation. To get a WackO DA100 AC Silencer for your RV, use our website or contact our Customer Care team members. If you have questions or comments, reach out to us over the phone or online.

Close up on the cut outs on the white air conditioner silencer.


  • Cuts down on noise produced by your RV air conditioner
  • Compatible with Dometic or GE brand air conditioners with a ducted system as well as RV Airflow Systems
  • Sound dampening material on the cover near the compressor outlet
  • Superior thermal and acoustic performance due to recycled cotton duct liner
  • Air is cleaned by an electrostatic air filter
    • Eliminates dust, lint, pollen, and more
    • Nonporous 4-layer weave design
    • Mildew resistant
    • Does not degrade over time
    • Can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or removed and washed
  • Noise reduction ranging from 8dB to 10dB
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to install - no drilling required
  • Installation tools not included
  • Includes:
    • Electrostatic Filter
    • Hardware Kit (screws, foil tape)
    • Mounting Base
    • White Cover
    • Installation Manual
  • Clean outer casing using a damp cloth or gentle cleaner
  • 17” x 17” x 2.25”
  • 2.39lbs
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