Vinyl & Leather Repair Kit

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  • Vinyl & Leather Repair Kit
  • Vinyl & Leather Repair Kit
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We all know that accidents happen. Items get dropped, people slip, and animals can get a little bit too aggressive when jumping on your furniture. In those moments damage can occur. Even on the heartiest of materials. When those accidents arise, what do you do? What happens when your piece of treasured Charles gets torn? Why not restore your leather like the professionals do with FORTIVO Leather and Vinyl Repair Kits from RecPro!

That's right. When you find your theater set marred by some unforeseen happenstance we have FORTIVO. This repair kit works fast, matches colors well, and has very little to no chemical smell like many other repair kits on the market. It doesn't matter what's happened. You can scratch, tear, burn, rip, cut and puncture your material, this kit can help you repair them all. At RecPro we don't just want you to restore your RV, we want you to be able to restore the furniture you love when something goes awry.

Instead of throwing out your favorite furniture when it seems beyond repair, buy this kit! Order online or through our Customer Care Department today!


  • Clean area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol
  • Cut backing fabric large enough to cover affected area
  • Use tool to insert backing fabric into hole
  • Apply matching adhesive solution to affected area
  • Once solution is dried use rubbing alcohol to buff out the edges


  • Easy to follow instructions. Only 5 step required to complete a full repair
  • No heat required
  • Quick drying, non-toxic solution with NO smell.
  • Dries by itself without external heat source needed
  • Instantly bonds and turns into durable liquid leather
  • Repair and restore your damaged leather and vinyl at a fraction of cost of having to replace them
  • Works all types of materials- Leather, Vinyl, Artificial, Italian, Bonded, Bycast, PU, Faux, Pleather and more
  • Use the kit to repair Scratches, Tears, Holes, Rips, Burns, Cracks and restore it to look like new again!
  • Our kit is thoughtfully created to deliver the best quality results and includes all the things you would need to finish the repair
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