Heng's Replacement RV Fan Blade

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  • Heng's Replacement Fan Blade
  • Heng's Replacement Fan Blade
  • Heng's Replacement Fan Blade
  • Heng's Replacement Fan Blade


Fan vents on your RV motorhome, boat, or trailer are absolutely necessary to maintain a conducive room temperature as well as maintain the correct air circulation to dispel moisture and bad odors from rooms, especially from the bathrooms. After years of exposure to direct sunlight, most fans tend to discolor, become brittle and sometimes explode while in use. Because of this, the occasional replacement is a necessary part of the RV lifestyle.

When you are looking for a replacement, you will want a fan that offers minimal noise and a large airflow intake for the best results. This is where the Heng's Replacement Fan Blade 90038-C1 from RecPro comes into the picture.

The Heng's Replacement Fan Blade 90038-C1 from RecPro is a thing of beauty that is specially made to replace the stock fan on your Heng's fan vent. Sporting an aesthetically pleasing white color, an innovative 6-blade design that ensures maximum air inflow, and a round bore that is compatible with most fan mortars, the Heng's Replacement Fan Blade 90038-C1 is the real deal.

This fantastic product has 6 blades with a length of 6 inches that ensures that there is a greater air movement which means that much more air can be expelled or sucked into your RV. The fan blade is constructed using impact resistant grade plastic that is durable and able to withstand the test of time. This type of plastic does not become brittle and shatter after frequent use. The circular bore is not only much more reliable and cheaper than a D bore, but it is also compatible with most mortar shafts on the market.

At RecPro, we are here for your RV replacement needs. So, when you need to repair and restore your vent fan, we carry Heng's Replacement Fan Blades for you.


  • Length of blade: 6"
  • Color: White
  • Replacement for 14" x 14" Vents
  • Impact resistant plastic