Universal RV Roof Handrail Kit

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  • RV Roof Handrail Kit
  • Universal RV Roof Handrail Kit
  • RV Roof Handrail Kit
  • Universal RV Roof Handrail Kit
  • RV Roof Handrail Kit
  • Universal RV Roof Handrail Kit
  • RV Roof Handrail Kit
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Getting onto the roof of your rig is not always an easy feat to accomplish, even if you have a sturdy ladder to rely on. Sometimes, that very last step at the top can give you a little trouble with completely getting on your roof. If you need a little extra help with getting on top of your roof, consider the Roof Handrail Kit from RecPro.


The Extra Support You Need
When you are having a spot of trouble with getting onto the roof of your rig, despite having a ladder, a roof handrail may be just what you need. A roof handrail kit, such as the one offered here at RecPro, can easily give you the extra support and leverage you need to get on top of your RV roof without issue. When you reach the top of your ladder, this USA-made handrail will provide you with an extra step and secure handrails to hold onto as you move on top of the roof. The ergonomic step of the roof handrail kit offers 10 ¼" wide of usable space for you to step on as you climb to the top. This ergonomic step is also ridged, giving you extra grip and traction to prevent slipping or sliding.

Sturdy Design
mount detailThis roof handrail kit is built to last. It has been constructed out of heavy-duty aluminum metal measuring 0.80" thick, giving it superb strength and sturdiness. This lightweight aluminum material is utterly immune to rusting and strongly resists corrosion. The ergonomic step and the sidebar of the handrail are tightly screwed together, further adding to this handrail kit's sturdiness and structural integrity. Our USA-made roof handrail kit measures 13 7/8" W x 19 3/8" D x 8" H and mounts directly to the roof of your rig using screws and the 2 3/8" diameter mounting feet. Installation tools and hardware, such as screws, are not included in this kit.

Due to the low profile of this roof handrail kit, it does not need to be installed and removed every time you wish to use it. It is easy and fast to install this roof handrail kit and takes only a few minutes. Our roof handrail kit is available in either Black or Silver color options and is made here in the USA. This roof handrail kit weighs only 1.6lbs thanks to its lightweight yet robust construction.

Keep Life Easy
Even when you have a ladder, getting onto your RV's roof can feel like a hassle. Make things more accessible with the help of the firm and reliable roof handrail kit from RecPro! If you want a heavy-duty roof handrail kit for your RV or camper, use our website or chat with our fantastic Customer Care Team! If you have comments or questions about our roof handrail kit, you can reach out to us online or over the phone.



  • 13 7/8" W x 19 3/8" D x 8" H
  • Ergonomic step
    • 10 ¼” usable step width
    • Ridged - prevents slipping and sliding
  • 2 3/8” diameter mounting feet
  • 0.80” thick lightweight aluminum metal construction
  • Provides added stability and support when climbing onto the roof
  • Step and sidebar are screwed directly together
  • Installation tools and hardware are not included
  • Black or Silver color options
  • Rust-proof
  • Resists corrosion
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Attaches directly to your rig
  • Made in the USA
  • 1.6lbs


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