Universal Replacement RV Air Conditioner Gasket

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  • Black replacement RV air conditioner gasket.
  • Black replacement RV air conditioner gasket.
  • Black replacement RV air conditioner gasket measurements.
  • Resistant to UV exposure and weather. Fits standard 14" x 14" opening. Adhesive backing.
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It's vital to create a solid seal between your RV AC unit and your RV roof. And while AC units often come with a gasket, if you need to do repairs and have damaged the gasket, then you'll need a replacement. Our replacement gasket fits that description perfectly.

This RV AC gasket is made of closed-cell EPDM sponge rubber. This closed-cell construction yields higher UV and weather protection, keeping the unit secure and safe. The pressure-sensitive adhesive backing also makes it easy to use and install. While an open-cell construction would let in water and other elements, closed-cell units press together tightly, keeping out air and moisture and protecting your RV from damage. This makes the foam much more rigid and stable, with higher resistance to heat flow as well. Closed cell rubber keeps its flexibility at low temperatures as well, meaning it will keep its durability even through the winter. This model specifically comes with a sponge gasket with adhesive backing and leveling blocks. If you are installing or reinstalling an RV AC unit, the gasket should always be new and in good condition. It comes in the color black and fits a standard 14" by 14" roof opening.

To keep your RV unit in good condition and to keep your RV from being damaged from water or air coming through the gasket, check out this high-quality RV AC gasket kit. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • This gasket is NOT necessary for new RecPro AC installations. Gaskets come pre-installed on new units.
  • EPDM rubber foam RV AC gasket
  • Color: Black
  • Closed cell
  • Fits standard 14" x 14" opening
  • Sponge gasket with adhesive backing
  • Comes with leveling block
  • Dimensions 17"W x 17"H x 1" D

Resistant to UV exposure and weather. Fits the standard 14 by 14 opening. Adhesive backing.

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