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TST RV 6 Sensor TPMS with Repeater

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  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • TST RV 6 Sensor TPMS with Repeater
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Graycale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Graycale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • TST RV 6 Sensor TPMS with Repeater
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
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The importance of safety on the road can never be understated or emphasized enough. This fact remains especially true for those who operate larger vehicles and equipment, such as RVs and trailers. There are many ways to stay safer on the road, such as practicing safe driving habits and avoiding heavy traffic. One aspect of road safety you may not think about often or may have difficulty monitoring is the pressure and temperature of your tires. With large RVs, trailers, and other hefty equipment, it is vital to monitor the pressure and temperature of your tires. It only takes one tire blow-out to cause a big accident after all! Let RecPro help you stay safer on the road with this easy-to-use TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System!

A TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is a highly convenient way to monitor the pressure in your tires, making it easier to detect and correct issues such as low tire pressure and leaks. You have likely seen a form of TPMS before, as many modern vehicles are equipped with them. However, RVs, trailers, campers, and more may not always have a TPMS. Thankfully, this tire pressure monitoring system from RecPro can solve that problem.

The Cap Sensors


You do not need to worry about tearing the wheels of your trailer or RV apart, as this TPMS is incredibly easy to install. Featured in this system are six incredible cap sensors. These sensors take only a few minutes to install by twisting them onto your tire's valve stem the same way you would with a regular valve stem cap. Although tiny, these cap sensors are full of ingenuity that you are sure to appreciate. Many competing TPMS sensors operate inside the tire, which requires you to tear down your whole tire just to install it. These TST TPMS sensors have no such requirements, as they attach to your tire simply by screwing directly onto the tire valve stem.

monitor with 4 sensors

sensor installedEach cap sensor is equipped with a 3v CR2032 battery that can last up to a year and can easily be replaced by yourself. Even better, the cap sensors will not lose code lock when replacing their batteries. These cap sensors are tough and water-resistant to withstand life on the road, and with their help, you will be able to detect leaks and high temperatures in your rigs' tires quickly. Each sensor reads the pressure and temperature of your tires every twelve seconds while sending that information to your display every five minutes to give you accurate real-time information. These wonderful cap sensors have a Pressure Range of 1 to 218 PSI and a Temperature Range of -40°°(-40° C) to 176°°(80° C).

If you wish to prevent these sensors from being stolen, you can use one of the six included anti-theft hex nuts. These nuts attach to the valve stem first, followed by the cap sensor, where the hex nut is then tightened to the cap sensor using one of the two included cap wrenches.

The Display

color displaygrayscale display

When it comes to our six-sensor TPMS, you can choose between a grayscale display or a color display. The display has a screen size of 4 ½", giving you ample room to see all the data it provides. Combined with additional sensors (additional sensors are not included), the display can help you monitor the condition of up to four different trailers or 115 tire positions, including spare tires!

suction cup mountrubber cradle mount

The display monitor features a rechargeable lithium battery which can be powered up using the included three-foot micro USB cable and 12vDC vehicle power adapter. The bright and clear display quickly provides you with the information you need about your tires but will automatically dim in dark conditions so that it does not blind you. The temperature on the display can be set to °° or ° C, while the tire pressure can appear as PSI or BAR, whichever suits your preference. The display can be securely attached to your rig using the included suction cup mount or the rubber cradle mount. The display to this TPMS is wireless, apart from the USB cable used for charging its battery. This means that you will not have to deal with annoying and complicated wiring or tear up your rig just to install the display, which is required by many other competing TPMS monitors. All you need to do is plug it in, charge it up, and turn it on!infographic

This incredible display does more than merely relay the pressure and temperature of your tires. It will also alarm you if there is a problem with your pressure or temperature using visual, audio, and text alarms. These alarms are customizable and can even be configured by axle, as the display features easy-to-use and straightforward push-button programming.

The Repeater

Included in this Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a signal repeater, which proves especially useful for larger rigs or those who are towing multiple trailers. The repeater strengthens and amplifies the signals from your sensors to the system's display. It is simple to install and even easier to use. 

The repeater features a two-wire connection, one black wire, and one red wire with a 2amp fuse. These wires must be connected to a 12v power supply that will constantly run while you are driving. The signal repeater is weather-resistant so that it can be installed inside or outside of your rig. You can install the repeater using the two included screws, the included hook and loop fastener patch, or industrial-strength adhesive (adhesive not included).

key features

monitor dimensions


  • Easy to install
  • Anti-theft hex nuts
  • Grayscale or Color display
  • Monitors up to 4 trailers or 115 tire positions - including spares
  • Perfect for RVs, trucks, motorhomes, trailers, cargo/agricultural equipment, and more

Cap Sensors:

  • Easily installs on the valve stem
  • Water-resistant
  • Detects leaks and high temperatures quickly
  • Read pressure and temperature every 12 seconds
  • Sends updated readings to the display every 5 minutes
  • Replaceable 3v CR2032 long-lasting batteries
  • Pressure reading range of 1 to 218 PSI
  • Temperature range of -40°°(-40° C) to 176°°(80° C)
  • Do not lose the code lock when replacing the battery


  • 4 ½" LCD display
  • Colored or Black/White
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • The display automatically dims in dark conditions
  • Programmable pressure and temperature alarms can be configured by axle
  • Visual, audio, and text alarms for pressure and temperature
  • Pressure can be displayed as PSI or BAR
  • Temperature can be shown in ° C or °°
  • Simple to program


  • Strengthens and amplifies the signal between the sensors and the display
  • Two-wire connection to a 12v constant power supply
  • Weather-resistant
  • 2amp fuse


  • 1 Display
    • Options for colored or grayscale
  • 6 Cap sensors
  • 2 Mounts - Suction Cup and Rubber Cradle
  • 1 Repeater
  • 1 12v DC power adapter with a three-foot micro USB cable

Installation Hardware:

  • 2 Screws
  • 2 Cap wrenches
  • 6 Hex nuts, rubber inserts, and rubber O rings
  • 1 Hook-and-loop-fastener patch
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 TST brand sticker and labeling sticker set
  • 1 Three year warranty registration card

Installation Made Easy

Our fabulous TPMS provides everything you need for a quick and easy installation process. This kit includes hardware for installation, such as screws, hex nuts, cap wrenches, and fasteners. You also receive a highly detailed manual that provides you with instructions for installation and easy-to-understand operation instructions. Additionally, this TST tire pressure monitoring system comes with a TST brand sticker and a 3-year warranty registration card.

Installing the TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System begins by pairing the sensors to the display and setting up your alarms. Set the units for pressure and temperature and to use the display to set up your alarms for high temperature, low pressure, and high pressure. Once everything is paired, programmed, and set up, you will be ready to install the TPMS system.mount measurements

There are two easy ways to attach the TPMS display to your rig - the suction cup mount and the rubber cradle mount. The rubber cradle mount can be set just about anywhere and does not require any special installation. The suction cup mount is a bit more secure than the cradle mount and requires a few quick steps. On the back of the TPMS display are several tabs, which you will use to attach the display to the suction cup mount. Once you have the mount firmly attached to the display, you can then stick the base of the suction cup mount to a flat, nonporous surface like your windshield or a side window. Once the display and mount are secure, attach the USB cable to the display and the 12v power adapter to charge the device. Charging the battery to the display can take up to four hours. Do not keep the display plugged into the charger while it is at full battery.


Just as easy to get set up on your rig are the cap sensors. Before you attach a cap sensor to your tire, first screw on one of the included anti-theft hex nuts. Once the hex nut is attached, screw on the cap sensor that corresponds to that tire and tighten it down until the cap sensor bottoms out. Give the cap sensor a quarter turn more, but do not overtighten. Use your fingers to move the hex nut up close to the sensor, and finish everything off by using the included wrench to tighten the hex nut to the cap sensor.

Peace Of Mind With Your TPMS

Having accurate real-time information on the condition of your tires is incredibly important to your safety on the road when you are traveling with a big rig, such as an RV. Take your safety into your own hands with ease with a TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System of your very own, which you can get by using our website or chatting with our Customer Care team. If you have questions or comments about this TPMS, please reach out to us over the phone or online.

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