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TST RV 4 Sensor TPMS with Repeater

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  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • TST RV 4 Sensor TPMS with Repeater
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Graycale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Graycale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • TST RV 4 Sensor TPMS with Repeater
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
  • RV 4 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Grayscale
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Being safe on the road is always important, especially when traveling with a big rig or towing several trailers. Staying safe on the road can be done in plenty of different ways. One of the easiest ways to stay safer on the road with a big rig is by monitoring the pressure and temperature of your tires. Monitoring the condition of your tires is very important when traveling with a large vehicle or when towing trailers. Many an easily avoidable accident has arisen due to a leaky low-pressure tire or a tire that has gotten too hot! A TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System from RecPro can help you avoid those problems and stay safer on the road!

A TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System, is a system that helps you easily monitor the condition of your tires, such as the tire pressure and temperature. Many vehicles currently on the road are equipped with a TPMS, so you more than likely have seen one before. However, larger vehicles and towables such as vehicles do not always come pre-equipped with a TPMS. This leaves it up to you to put in a TPMS of your own. If you want to equip your rig with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System that you can rely on, RecPro has what you need.

TPMS Monitor Display

color displaygrayscale displayThis TST TPMS comes complete with a display monitor with a 4 ½” LCD screen. You may choose between a color screen or a grayscale screen. The display monitor to this TPMS can display information of up to four different trailers or 115 tire positions with additional tire sensors (additional sensors are NOT included with the original 4). Most competing TPMS displays are wired, requiring you to tear up your rig and do some complicated wiring in order to get your TPMS system up and running. This display avoids that problem, as it is totally wireless apart from the USB charging cable! All you need to do is plug it, charge it up, and it will be ready to use!

suction cup mountrubber cradle mountThe TST TPMS monitor display is equipped with a lithium battery that offers a long charge time. The battery can be charged using a micro USB cable and 12v DC vehicle power adapter, which is included in this system. The display is bright and clear, making it easy to see the information about your tires that it provides. When it comes to darker conditions, such as tunnels or nighttime driving, the TPMS monitor will automatically dim. The TPMS display monitor can show the temperature of your tires in °° or ° C, with the tire pressure being displayed in either PSI or BAR. The display for our TPMS kit can be mounted to your rig in two ways; the suction cup mount or the rubber cradle mount.


Monitoring the pressure and temperature of your tires is not all that this TPMS display monitor does for you. The monitor display also alarms you if a problem occurs with your tires that cause low pressure or high temperatures using visual, audio, and text warnings. You can even set the pressure and temperature threshold for these warnings using the TPMS systems push-button programming.

Cap Sensors That Sense It All

sensorTST has designed this Tire Pressure Monitoring System from top to bottom for maximum convenience. The installation process for this Tire Pressure Monitoring System is swift and easy, especially the sensors. This TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System comes with four excellent cap sensors that you are sure to enjoy. These sensors attach to your tire valve stem similarly to an average valve stem cap, making them very easy and time-efficient to install. Best of all, these sensors attach to the valve stem of your tire, so you do not need to tear your whole wheel down to install them, unlike most competitors!

monitor with 4 sensors

sensor installedEach of the four sensors is equipped with a 3v CR2032 battery, which provides the sensor with power for up to a year and is effortless to replace. Also worth noting is that the cap sensors will not lose code lock when replacing their batteries. These cap sensors are a far cry from fragile, as they are designed to be water and weather-resistant to withstand the harshness of the road. The cap sensors gather data on the condition of your tires every twelve seconds, providing you with real-time information you can put your trust in. That then gets sent to the TPMS display monitor, which will display the updated data every five minutes. The cap sensors in this TPMS offer a Pressure Range of 1 to 218 PSI and a Temperature Range of -40°°(-40° C) to 176°°(80° C).

Our TST TPMS kit provides you with four anti-theft hex nuts to secure your cap sensors to the valve stem and prevent your sensors from being stolen. The anti-theft hex nuts are straightforward to use. Begin by attaching a hex nut to the valve stem, followed by the cap sensor. Then, tighten the hex nut to the cap sensor using one of the two included cap wrenches. 

Signal Repeater For Extra Signal Distance

The signal repeater included with this TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System can be quite handy, especially for large rigs or multiple trailers. The purpose of the signal repeater is to both strengthen and amplify the signals produced by your sensors on their wait to the display monitor. The signal repeater included in this TPMS is incredibly easy to use and takes very little time or effort to install. 

The repeater uses two wires to connect to your rig, one red and black wire. The red wire is equipped with a 2amp fuse. The signal repeater will need to be connected to a 12v DC power supply that will constantly run as you drive. The signal repeater may be installed inside your rig or on the outside, as it is designed to be tough and weather-resistant. When installing the signal repeater, you may use the hook and loop fastener patch, the included screws, or by using strong adhesive (adhesive not included).

key features

monitor dimensions


  • Easy to install
  • Anti-theft hex nuts
  • Grayscale or Color display
  • Monitors up to 4 trailers or 115 tire positions - including spares
  • Perfect for RVs, trucks, motorhomes, trailers, cargo/agricultural equipment, and more

Cap Sensors:

  • Easily installs on the valve stem
  • Water-resistant
  • Detects leaks and high temperatures quickly
  • Read pressure and temperature every 12 seconds
  • Sends updated readings to the display every 5 minutes
  • Replaceable 3v CR2032 long-lasting batteries
  • Pressure reading range of 1 to 218 PSI
  • Temperature range of -40°°(-40° C) to 176°°(80° C)
  • Do not lose the code lock when replacing the battery


  • 4 ½" LCD display
  • Colored or Black/White
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • The display automatically dims in dark conditions
  • Programmable pressure and temperature alarms can be configured by axle
  • Visual, audio, and text alarms for pressure and temperature
  • Pressure can be displayed as PSI or BAR
  • Temperature can be shown in ° C or °°
  • Simple to program


  • Strengthens and amplifies the signal between the sensors and the display
  • Two-wire connection to a 12v constant power supply
  • Weather-resistant
  • 2amp fuse


  • 1 Display
    • Options for colored or grayscale
  • 4 Cap sensors
  • 2 Mounts - Suction Cup and Rubber Cradle
  • 1 Repeater
  • 1 12v DC power adapter with a three-foot micro USB cable

Installation Hardware:

  • 2 Screws
  • 2 Cap wrenches
  • 4 Hex nuts, rubber inserts, and rubber O rings
  • 1 Hook-and-loop-fastener patch
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 TST brand sticker and labeling sticker set
  • 1 Three year warranty registration card

Installation Made Easy

Included with this TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System is all the installation hardware you need to get it up and running, such as screws, hex nuts, cap wrenches, and fasteners. The manual for this Tire Pressure Monitoring System provides all the instructions you need for installation and use in great detail. Also included in this kit is a TST brand sticker and a 3-year warranty registration card.

Installing the TST TPMS begins by setting the units for temperature and pressure on the display as well as the alarms for high temperature, low pressure, and high pressure. Once your units and alarms are set you can pair and program each cap sensor you wish to use on your rig with the TPMS display. Once these preliminary steps are taken you can then install the hardware of the TPMS.

mount measurements

Starting with the TPMS display monitor, you have two different ways you can choose to mount this device; the suction cup mount and the rubber cradle mount. The suction cup mount is the only one that needs a bit of effort, unlike the cradle mount. Attach the display to the suction cup mount using the tabs on the back. Once the display is firmly attached to the mount you can attach the suction cup base to the windshield, side window, or any other smooth, nonporous surface. Connect the display to power using the USB cable and the 12v adapter and allow the battery to charge for up to four hours. Do not keep the display attached to the charger while it is at full battery.


If you thought the display was easy to install, then you will love how easy the cap sensors are to install. Before you put on the cap sensor, screw one of the included anti-theft hex nuts onto the tire first. Then you can screw on the cap sensor that corresponds to the right tire until the sensor bottoms out. Once the sensor bottoms out, give it an additional quarter turn. Using your fingers, tighten the hex nut up to the cap sensor, then use the included wrench to fully tighten the hex nut to the cap sensor.

A TPMS You Can Trust

Keeping track of the condition of your tires can make the difference between a great trip and a disaster. Enhance your safety on the road with a TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System of your own, which you can get here at RecPro. If you have questions or comments about this TPMS, please reach out to us over the phone or online.

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