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Trailer Valet 5X Trailer Dolly - 5,000lb Capacity

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  • Trailer Valet 5X Trailer Dolly - 5,000lb Capacity
  • Trailer Valet 5X Trailer Dolly - 5,000lb Capacity
  • Trailer Valet 5X Trailer Dolly - 5,000lb Capacity
  • Trailer Valet 5X Trailer Dolly - 5,000lb Capacity
  • Trailer Valet 5X Trailer Dolly - 5,000lb Capacity
  • Trailer Valet 5X Trailer Dolly - 5,000lb Capacity
  • Trailer Valet 5X Trailer Dolly - 5,000lb Capacity
  • Trailer Valet 5X Trailer Dolly - 5,000lb Capacity
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One of the worst parts about having an RV, trailer, camper, or other towable is trying to wiggle them into those small campsites, narrow storage garages, or tight corners for repairs. It's frustrating, difficult, and often dangerous. Now, though, there is a solution. Trailer Valet trailer movers help to move your towable into location without the stress of using a towing vehicle. Fast, convenient, and so much easier, it's the perfect solution to this difficult problem.

Trailer Valet 5X Environmental

Rather than driving your vehicle to your trailer to hook it up, you can use this heavy-duty trailer mover to move your trailer to your hitch vehicle. With the small mover on the hitch, you can move your towable into tight spots, down your narrow driveway, into position to hook it up to your vehicle, and into many other situations that might have seemed difficult before, if not impossible. Imagine that you had to do repairs on your RV and needed to move it three feet to the right. With a towing vehicle, this could be a process of moving it out then backing it in, hoping that you can see everything correctly in your mirrors. At worst, you might not be able to get your towing vehicle into the space to begin with. With the trailer mover, you can move it without all of that hassle.


This trailer mover model is a manual design, not depending on batteries or electricity to operate. The hand crank allows you to control the mover, giving you the ability to take corners and make slight adjustments in steering all while the trailer, RV, boat, or other towable is moving. It's easy to operate and is made of lightweight, high endurance, corrosion resistant materials.

Trailer Valet 5X Environmental


There are a good many features that make this mover the amazing tool that it is. It has a built-in jack that is used to raise the trailer so that you can unhook it from the bracket and lower it to get the trailer level and into position. Once you're done using the mover, you can flip it up to store alongside your trailer frame. Then when you arrive at your destination, you can swivel it back down to use it again. When in use, you have several features that help make it all work well. The dual 9" solid rubber tires will never become flat, as they don't have any air in them. The tires have deep treads in them that help you to move your trailer over a variety of surfaces. It does work best on surfaces such as asphalt or concrete, however, it is able to handle surfaces such as grass and dirt as well. Driving it is safe and effective with the patented drive system. With the high and low gears, you have control over the functioning of the mover. There is also an automatic safety brake that acts as a wheel chock to keep your trailer in place. When the mover trailer handle is down, the brake is engaged and you cannot move it. To disengage the brake and move it, simply raise up the steering handle and you're good to go. The brass bearings and high-quality steel with a powder-coated hammer finish means this model lasts you through a good many adventures, staying high-quality throughout its life and helping you through whatever tight situation you find yourself in. This model does operate manually, however, there is an option to use a drill and drill attachment.

Trailer Valet 5X Environmental

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  • Manual trailer, boat, and RV mover
  • 5,000 lbs in trailer weight
  • 500 lbs in tongue weight
  • 8" mounting bracket (width)
  • Automatic safety brake
  • Dual 9" solid rubber tires
  • Patented drive system with high and low gears
  • Low gear ratio: 12:1
  • High gear ratio: 4:1
  • Pos-traction for maximum traction and ease of handling
  • Brass bearings
  • High-quality steel with a powder coat hammer finish
  • 300 hours corrosion resistance
  • Compact build
  • Versatile
  • Built-in jack
  • Flips up to store alongside your trailer frame
  • Can operate manually or use a drill and drill attachment
  • Option for drill attachment
  • Easy to operate
  • Made in America


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