Trailer Tongue Jack Wheel Dock

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  • Trailer Tongue Jack Wheel Dock
  • Trailer Tongue Jack Wheel Dock
  • Trailer Tongue Jack Wheel Dock
  • Trailer Tongue Jack Wheel Dock
  • Trailer Tongue Jack Wheel Dock
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This heavy-duty wheel dock is specially designed for trailer tongue wheels and is constructed from high-density polyethylene, otherwise known as HDPE. HDPE is well recognized for its high strength-to-density ratio, which means HDPE is very strong but not very heavy. This trailer tongue wheel dock provides an impressive amount of tensile strength while weighing only a little over one pound (1.4 lbs, to be exact).

topThis wheel dock comes pre-affixed with a rope handle for easy handling. Some people also find the handle useful for storage because it can be used to hang the dock in an easy-to-find location. There are two pre-drilled holes that can be used to affix the wheel dock in one place using ground stakes (stakes not included). This is optional and not required for proper use of the dock but may be helpful for those who are going to be parking their trailer in the same spot often. Also, this dock is made from high-visibility yellow plastic so that it is easy to see when parking your trailer.


Whether you are parking your trailer for a night or for the season, this heavy-duty wheel dock simplifies your trailer parking process by ensuring a solid base of support. By increasing the surface area for the point of contact with the ground, this dock prevents sinking, which can often occur when the tongue wheel is placed directly on the ground. Another problem with the tongue wheel being in contact with the earth is the increased potential of rust. With this dock, no part of the trailer hitch touches the ground, and a drain hole allows any water that may gather to dissipate.

At RecPro, we understand the importance of both quality and functionality. This heavy-duty wheel dock is simple-to-use, effective for its intended purpose, and constructed to last. Call our Customer Care team or order online today!

wheel dock


  • Cradles trailer tongue wheel to hold steady and prevent sinking into soft ground
  • Heavy duty HDPE construction
  • Includes rope handle for easy handling
  • 2 pre-drilled stake holes (stakes optional, not included)
  • High-visibility yellow
  • Dimensions: 
    • Base Diameter = 1’
    • Height = 2”
    • Weight = 1.4 lbs


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